TV: The Movie

TV: The Movie

A celebration of the ever increasing depravity of television in our society-- it's a channel surfing adventure through the most utterly ridiculous spoofed television programming and commercials.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:drugs,   drug use,   satire,  

A celebration of the ever increasing depravity of television in our society-- it's a channel surfing adventure through the most utterly ridiculous spoofed television programming and commercials. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike S (es) wrote: An odd romantic comedy. Larry (Tom Hanks, looking Botoxed) is Mercedes's (Julia Roberts) student at college. Her marriage is on the rocks. While he slowly gets made over by some young classmates, she ditches her husband. The attraction between Larry and Mercedes seems to come out of nowhere, as do the friendships Larry forms with a young gang of scooter enthusiasts. But the chemistry between Hanks and Roberts is sweet and there are some funny scenes.

Thomas W (au) wrote: It is great that Winthrop, Iowa native, Michelle Monaghan, has gotten another starring/lead role in a movie after years of finding herself as a supporting player in many Hollywood films. Trucker is Monaghan's first feature as a stand-alone star as we have already seen her as the "second-half" of some film duos -- she was paired with Shia LaBeouf in Eagle Eye and Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor. She has given fine support in North Country, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Unfaithful, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Gone Baby Gone, Mission: Impossible III, The Heartbreak Kid and It Runs In the Family (see -- lots of supporting roles). The not-so-great aspect for Monaghan is that Trucker isn't an excellent movie one would be overly proud of (it isn't gawd-awful; but it isn't superlative by any means). Trucker is a "been there/done that" film in EVERY possible way ... having a female trucker (wow -- how very original!) isn't enough to set the film apart. Monaghan gives a satisfactory performance but it doesn't make the film recommendation-worthy -- it (the performance) isn't strong enough to make any kind of impact on the viewer (Monaghan is another pretty face with decent acting chops; but I am still waiting to be blown-away by her a la Charlize Theron in Monster or Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream [and her subsequent films]). She is immensely likable but I want more from her. Trucker is about Diane (Monaghan), a trucker who lives a content life on the road that consists of random hook-ups, on-time delivery bonuses and enjoyable nights out at the bar with her best friend whenever she finds herself in town (the best friend is played by Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself of Firefly/Serenity-fame, the uber-cool Nathan Fillion). The story starts into motion when Diane returns home one day to find people on her front step awaiting her return. Joey Lauren Adams is dropping off Diane's estranged son, Peter, for an indefinite amount of time because her boyfriend (Monaghan's ex played by Benjamin Bratt) is in the hospital after having been diagnosed with colon cancer. The reluctant mother has little choice and the film gives us the fractured relationship as it slowly tries to repair itself (with much help coming from Diane's best friend). With the addition of Peter, Diane's life is changed and she must overcome and re-analyze where her life is leading. As I have said, it's all been done before and there are no genuine surprises here. It is far from being a terrible movie; but it is very "so-what?" because it did so very-little for me.

Vaithialingam (us) wrote: Very Energetic movie

Akhil A (ag) wrote: Its not everyone's cup of tea...! This movie is humorously dark...! Because it attempts to create a scenario where the audience unconsciously enjoys the darkness and at the same time feels bad .That's quite a contrasting situation,not everyone will call it "Their" kind of quite surprisingly arouses your darker instincts with in and yes the protagonists are not the one's whom you would like to associate with ..."

Kris V (de) wrote: Self referential movie about making a kitsch sci-fi flick in the 60s, starring Jeremy Davies and directed by Fracis Ford Coppolla's son Roman. Great cast and some cool ideas and fitting atmosphere, but the elements don't really gel and the movie fails to make a real impression.

Larry R H (de) wrote: Classic hip hop and story of the breaking scene..not much story was needed to explore the world of the hip hop culture and why it was such a big thing for teen youth back in the 80's this lifestyle was a great alternative from the scourage of street gangs and street violence..this was a perfect touch into the hip hop culture..classic!

person m (us) wrote: fun but anyone with more than a passing interest in wrestling will get bored probablly as the film dosent break kayfabe. interestinglly there are a few major names here dory funk junior playing a mob enforcer turned wrestler and the wrestling matches were choreographed by terry funk. the plot is a combination of night and the city (far superior) and the harder they fall (boxing movie again far superior) two brothers exploit their retarded albeit exceptionally strong brother by managing him in illegal wrestling matches in a seedy speak easy in the bronx.stallone does show flashes of acting briliance but is suffocated by a terrible script the film also shows some noirish flare stallones character is almost a carbon copy of richard ridmarks in night and the city the major problem is the film builds tention in places then ruins it with a weird and unnecessary sense of humour. and half way through the film stallone and his seedy other brother totally reverse roles which is just strange. and the mob are like rejects from dick tracey.a mixed bag worth checking out for terry funks artistic choreohgraphy and chain wretling sequences (linking a serious of holds and throws) and a wrestling match in the pouring rain.light hearted fun but not worth it your after serious wrestling or noir or even drama this isn't for you.

PB M (fr) wrote: Not afraid of the dark are you ?

Beth W (es) wrote: Painfully pathetic. How is this scary again? So dull I nearly nodded off! Don't waste your time, you'll never get it back!

Private U (de) wrote: un clasico, excelente val kilmer, el director sobrado, la sencillez de los personajes los hizo grande , el guion super original de sas peliculas que deben ser ultrapremiadas y no alcanzan los premios comerciales, que viva el cine indipendiente