Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys

In the year 2035, convict James Cole reluctantly volunteers to be sent back in time to discover the origin of a deadly virus that wiped out nearly all of the earth's population and forced the survivors into underground communities. But when Cole is mistakenly sent to 1990 instead of 1996, he's arrested and locked up in a mental hospital. There he meets psychiatrist Dr. Kathryn Railly, and patient Jeffrey Goines, the son of a famous virus expert, who may hold the key to the mysterious rogue group, the Army of the 12 Monkeys, thought to be responsible for unleashing the killer disease.

In 2035, a virus has wiped out most of the Earth's population and the remainder live underground because the air is poisonous. Prisoner James Cole can earn parole if he agrees to travel back in time and gather information about the man-made virus and thwart the devastating plague. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Twelve Monkeys torrent reviews

Paul D (jp) wrote: Lightly comic, or a modern farce depending on how you want to perceive it. It's not going to feature high on any movie related lists or the actors most memorable roles, but it's just about worthy a watch if you're in the mood.

Kenneth C (au) wrote: Great music. Great performances.

Naush J (kr) wrote: Thats one of my favourite movies of all time. I watched it as a kid in 1985 and the scene following what happens to Shawn after he losses his parents is still fresh in my mind! Awesome Awesome movie!

Chris K (mx) wrote: Its a cluster f*** of wtf! Sure it had some great laughs, and its not even a horrible movie, but by the end I was kind let down by how close this movie could have been even better. Its like they tried to hard but not hard enough. I would neither recommend or protest watching this movie. If you happened to get the chance to see the movie, watch it, if not, no biggie.

Dave S (it) wrote: If you like B movies, "Pep Squad" is a B Movie in the best sense of the word. Why it went straight to video is beyond me. Its mix of humor and artistry makes it stand out as the "El Mariachi" of teen flicks.First time director Steve Balderson has fashioned not only an exceedingly witty script (Fave moment in a film full of fave moments: The cheer Cherry pays the cheerleaders to do), but has an eye for what Brian DePalma called "film as a visual medium". Take the costumes, each character given a very specific look and tone through wardrobe, take the finale- a breathtakingly clever denouement set to a new wave version of the star spangled banner. Balderson also knows what B fans come to see and has seen fit to throw in the occasional bit of shock violence and gratuitous nudity (though even that is shot with a fair degree of look and purpose).Special mention must be made of the director's sister, Brooke Balderson who, in the time warped town the film takes place in, is the most warped of all- a teenage Cruella DeVille. She's perfect- snarly, mean and way over the top. Then there's Jane Wiedlin look alike Summer Makovkin...well let's just say she's appealing on a purely personal level."Pep Squad" is what would happen if David Lynch, in full "Twin Peaks" mode, decided to make a John Hughes film. I can say nothing more than run out and rent it and let's get this film the cult following it so richly deserves.

Michael (de) wrote: A classic sitcom of what happens when a straight man finds himself waking up in another man's bed. I particularly loved the beginning when Christoph's luck takes a spill coming home and finding another man in the shower of the apartment he shares with his fiance, and the continued crappy luck that leads him to wake up in Edgar's bed. The ending's a hoot, and makes watching the trials and tribulations of Christoph as he struggles with finding the truth of what happened that night worth renting the movie.

Mattias E (gb) wrote: In Rebels of the Neon God Tsai Ming-liang seems more interested in making a social comment than in his later works. Hence the cameras preoccupation with the decadent night side of Taipei and it's frustrated youth, who seems to inspire an equal amount of fear and fascination for the director. A humble beginning for Tsai and a fascinating document of the start of his lifelong professional Truffaut/Leaud-relationship with actor Lee Kang-sheng.

Allan C (ru) wrote: This film came out a year after "Back to the Future" and has quite a few similarities. Kathleen Turner goes to her high school reunion and somehow finds herself sent back in time to when she was in high school. Whereas "Back to the Future" send Marty McFly back to the same era to broad comic effect, this film takes a different perspective and sends a 30 something mother back to her high school days, armed with the knowledge of life lived as an adult. There are funny time travel throwaway moments like when she tells her little sister not to each the red M&Ms or when she tells a studious high school friend about microwaves, the moon landing and "hight tech," but the real heart of the film is Turner being able relive her life the way she really wanted. There are trite moments like telling off snobby girls or telling off her boyfriend, Nicholas Cage, knowing that he'd later cheat on her after they married, but the moments where Turned gets a second chance to talk to her grandparents, hug her little sister or spend time with her mom are so filled with joy that you just want to cry watching them. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, he brings to the film just the with amount of fantasy and gives the film a tremendous amount of heart and nostalgia. I also could have easily seen a lesser director not giving characters like Cage's cheating husband/boyfriend any real depth, but Coppola wisely doesn't make him a straight black hat. There's also a strong supporting cast that includes Catherine Hicks and Joan Allen as a couple of Turner's high school friends. I'd forgotten about Catherine Hicks until lI rewetted this, but she's someone I'd like to see in something again. There's also Kevin J. O'Connor as a James Dean like classmate who Turner had a crush on. There's also Jim Carrey and Wil Shriner as some of Cage's flunky friends. Barbara Harris is absolutely magical as Turner's mother. Harris' filmography is fairly short, but she is so good in everything she's done. She is easily one of my all-time favorite actresses and is just wonderful in this film. Turner's performance is the other standout in this film. Her sheer joy at seeing her family again seems so sincere, as does her wanting to do everything right the second time around. John Barry provided a lyrical score for the film and Jordan Croneweth gives the film a nice dreamlike quality. I remember liking this film when it first came out, but the film is a completely different experience watching it again now as a n adult. "Peggy Sue Got Married" is definitely a wish fulfillment fantasy and a reflection upon her life and life choices, but it's so sincerely made that it is just an absolutely pleasure to watch. I'd also like to see a remake where some goes back to the 80s instead of the early 60s.

Ian J (de) wrote: Disappointing. I was expecting it to be more like "The Accused" but instead it was more like a Lifetime movie.

Jeffrey R (mx) wrote: If Robert Altman made Bonnie and Clyde, this is what it would be. The film is meandering and meditative like the deep south locations it was filmed in. Great performances all around.

Igor A (gb) wrote: urnebes e filmov! se pomocav od smeenje! ima li nesto loso od Woody??? mislam,navistina? dosega izgledav 30 negovi filmovi :)

Saara T (us) wrote: Lapsuuden suosikki ei ole vielkn menettnyt hohtoaan. En kyll ksit, mit olen joskus nhnyt Frans Josefissa, iuh...

Brandon S (us) wrote: Kongo is a brutal and disturbing movie that pushes the limits of film from the thirties; it is a wonder that MGM allowed a movie with this kind of content to be released. By today's standards this movie is pretty tame, but in the context of the time in which it was made the images are shocking. The movie deals with all sorts of topics ranging from racism to drug abuse and the brutality of the death scenes stick with you. The movie is about a deranged and tyrannical man who runs a village in Africa with an iron fist from the security of his wheelchair. He keeps all those around him paralyzed with fear which he perpetuates by performing "magic tricks" like decapitating women and reanimating their bodies. He kidnaps the daughter of his rival, and then terrorizes her and a stranded doctor for most of the film. The treatment of race is a big issue here too which may be a reason why this movie is difficult to find on DVD or VHS. The maniacal madman constantly berates the natives and constantly presumes that "whites" are smarter than "blacks". The movie is a remake of the Lon Chaney drama West of Zanzibar; the difference here being the horror inserted into Kongo's plot. I was completely surprised by this movie; what I expected was another standard 1930's horror flick, but what I received was a compelling movie that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning looking up the history of the film. I highly recommend this movie. "I wouldn't waste Gin on that tribesman, that's kerosene!" Rating: 7 of 10 S!D

Oliver N (ag) wrote: After a rather 'bland' patch which was the luke-warm Cars - and its even more cliched sequel - WALL-E recaptures Pixar's knack for producing breathtaking animated movies. With some of the best visuals we have seen to date, a thought-provoking message at its heart, lovable characters, and surprisingly nimble plot considering lack of dialogue for its first-half. Poignant and deeper than most animated movies, I have no doubt in saying WALL-E won't be leaving our memories anytime soon.Verdict: A+

Graham J (ag) wrote: Beautifully filmed and featuring many great performances. This is one of the most entertaining of Ford's films. Also includes the greatest performance ever put in by Victor McLaglen in his reoccurring role as Sgt. Quincannon.

Michael F (kr) wrote: I was expecting to hate this movie...but it was kinda damn funny