Twenty Years Later

Twenty Years Later

Eduardo Coutinho was filming a movie with the same name in the Northeast of Brazil, in 1964, when there came the military coup. He had to interrupt the project, and came back to it in 1981,...

Eduardo Coutinho was filming a movie with the same name in the Northeast of Brazil, in 1964, when there came the military coup. He had to interrupt the project, and came back to it in 1981,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Megan P (nl) wrote: It was predictable of course, but it was quite adorable and I enjoyed it and the main chick was super pretty.

Matthew D (br) wrote: Quirky and unconventional but a really good film.

Speed RacerMach Go Go (de) wrote: Not a fan of the TV show, but when I saw the trailer for Ultraman The Next I was blown, so I decide to watch it. There's not alot of action, but it does have a good plot.

David K (ru) wrote: This is a strange movie, which is not generally problematic for me, but I'm just not sure about this one. I loved Orlando, which was at least as strange and featured another impressive performance by Tilda Swinton, but this has left me a little cold.

Elia Cabassoun (gb) wrote: a GREAT movie...filmed entirely in GA, I think.

Paul Z (gb) wrote: Even before Scanners and The Brood, Cronenberg has always been able to merge an endlessly fascinating concept with incredibly lean plotting. Also here, he turns one of the most minimal settings into one of the most bizarre institutions, even though it's obviously a university doubling as a sanitized futuristic asylum. Also a little too obvious are the nevertheless creative attempts at psychedelic sound design, i.e. I can tell that's the sound of a coffee machine, I can tell that's a rainstick, but I see what effect you're going for.

Laimis Z (nl) wrote: impressive camera work make this giallo/slasher by mario bava lots of fun to watch. a killer on the loose within fashion industry. kill kill kill

Martin M (ru) wrote: Utterly stunning, you can see where they got about 80% of the idea of the almost as impressive Drag Me To Hell!!!

Sweeney Todd 6 (kr) wrote: The best from Ed Wood, an actually plausable story that

David L (it) wrote: With unlikable characters of which the main one is especially obnoxious and awfully cliched plot with typical ending, Breaking Away has its moments including some wonderful dialogue sequences mostly including the father who is the saving grace here bringing the humor and heart to a film and the direction, technical aspects and acting are good, but the script is so by-the-numbers with a boring sports drama that ruined the whole movie and should have been left out. It is such a major disappointment and undoubtedly an incredibly overrated movie.

Luca D (ca) wrote: Partenza col botto di Guy Ritchie! Prende molto da tarantino (forse anche troppo), ma riesce ad incastrare una storia interessante e abbastanza complicata. Rispetto a tarantino Ritchie ci mette molto pi humor e non sembra prendersi troppo sul serio, anche se a volte esagera con questo tono poco "serio". Comunque un film interessante.

Neil R (de) wrote: A definite improvement over Episodes I & II.

jason m (nl) wrote: Typical hyper-"heartwarming" sports flick with all the bells and glitter, plus Jesus! Another generic Disney football movie and this elementary belief that we can overcome racial oppression if we just learn to love one another. And yes you guessed it, movies with racial overtones are never complete without the evil misguided BPPwannabe (always in Black leather and huge Afro) who converts to more "loving" worldviews(consistent with the return to wearing colors and straightened hair). Woodlawn adds the arrogance of this silly belief that Jesus just loves football and wants us to pray in school. Ironic that some of the most devout Christian's vehemently hate negros and the movie is largely about how Jesus was used to overcome segregation! And everyone loves prayer in school until Muslims start pulling out prayer rugs. Can we start making football more true to life? Blood, sweat, tears, alcohol, pain killers illegal drugs, obsessed fathers, crazed coaches, sex and heartbreaks?

Marten P (br) wrote: the batman animated movies are just not what they used to be (and lack bestrobin)