Twilight Gangsters

Twilight Gangsters

For eight years three grandmothers saved their money for a VIP tour packages to Hawaii. The grandmothers have all had difficult experiences and used their dream vacation as a beacon of hope in their lives. The grandmothers then go to the bank to wire their money, but at that moment the bank is held up by robbers. The grandmothers lose their savings and the bank can't offer any assistance. It is at this moment that the grandmothers set off track the robbers down themselves...

(Korean with English subtitles) With their fund for a dream vacation in Hawaii stolen by robbers, three fierce grandmothers take it up upon themselves to get the vacation they desperate ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raven W (us) wrote: i love this movie soo sad though i wanna cry

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