Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil

While dabbling in Satanism, Count Karstein resurrects Mircalla Karnstein who initiates him into vampirism. As a rash of deaths afflicts the village, Gustav the head of Puritan group leads his men to seek out and destroy the pestilence. One of his twin nieces has become inflicted with the witchcraft but Gustav's zeal and venom has trapped the innocent Maria, threatening her with a tortuous execution, whilst Frieda remains free to continue her orgy of evil.

In nineteenth century middle-Europe, orphaned teenage twins Maria and Frieda go to live with their uncle Gustav Weil, who heads the Brotherhood, a vigilante group trying to stamp out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony B (mx) wrote: "At some point, people have to tell their kids that Santa Claus isn't real," - Floyd Landis

(ag) wrote: An intresting documentary

Jesse T (mx) wrote: Out of all the previous 13 Dragon Ball Z movies, this one really feels like Dragon Ball Z.

Abinayah M (us) wrote: Amazing cinematography! Loved it..Nice storyline too and obviously the Sidharth factor..!

Douglas L (au) wrote: Generic in a lot of ways and very watchable. its killer has more of an "original" origin in terms of killing people, and the fat guy putting on the mask for the wrestling death match was pretty cool. But in the end, it is still another standard horror flick.

David S (de) wrote: I love Pauly Shore. I bet this is a great movie. Can't wait to watch it!

Sebastian D (au) wrote: i loved this film. For me, it had alot of things going for it. First of all my wife is romanian (from bucharest) and im a big fan of asia argento... if you ask me it was always going to be difficult to cover the subject of transylvania (it was filmed in maramures) because its such a touchy subject, romanians vs hungarians etc.. it was still pretty accurate, but its not a documentary... its really quite a powerful little drama. i loved the solitary and almost post apocalyptic look of the barren romanian landscape and i also thought it was quite funny in places as well. all in all i thought it was awesome :)

Nick D (au) wrote: A true, creepy, inspired, iconic masterpiece.

Barbara R (jp) wrote: Eh, another film I watched only for Rickman (and he was good as usual). The movie itself wasn't. I liked the story. I thought it was very daring. It could have been done better with better acting on part of the two other characters who were on screen for most of the time, a broader scope, better writing, better everything. I can see why Rickman would have been interested in this story. Dark. Could have been complex with a big reveal like Shutter Island, a thriller that also involves psyching people out and being trapped on islands - but alas.

Stephanie M (au) wrote: Evan Rachel Wood gave an amazing performance for such a young actress. However, Kevin Bacon's performance in this movie was absolutely awful. The script is hackneyed but the directing had it's moments.

Mithun G (it) wrote: Too arty for my tastes.

JOHN R (de) wrote: not as good. i understand why this was direct to video

Jack O (jp) wrote: Sea of love is one of the best thrillers of my pick. I could watch this movie a million time and never get tired of it.

Derrick M (kr) wrote: Powerful story of a history that happened just a generation ago.

Kristoffer D (mx) wrote: It's was a good movie. Although you would of had to of read the book or seen the musical in order to know who some of the characters are. A handful of them were never introduced such as "Younger Brother" and "Tateh". Ya they were they played big parts but you wouldn't know who they were unless you really know "Ragtime".

Chrisanne S (es) wrote: No one let's you down in this film. Acting is first rate as is the heart-warming story. And the war games are good fun.

Ali A (jp) wrote: Great movie. Must watch.

Ravi J (kr) wrote: A conventional story, directed in an unconventional way

shiela B (it) wrote: Different very different movie!!!

Douglas L (ru) wrote: What i like about this one is that the virgins are the ones who get killed! Usually its the other way around!