In a gritty retelling of the Dickens's classic, Twist takes Oliver and the Artful Dodger out of the poorhouse and onto the streets, where junk is the currency and hustling is the game.

A queer "Oliver Twist" update set in the hustler district of modern-day Toronto. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelina E (de) wrote: I love Spanish films for their intricate, interconnected web-like plot lines that are larger than life. This film was no exception to this trademark indulgence. I was more captivated by the story than the sex, and I think it would have been an even better film without the lustful scenes. However, in all fairness, the title didn't hide the raunchy content of the film, so it came at no surprise. Also, the filming was at times too fantastical for my taste. I'm not sure if I would watch it again, simply because it was a lot to absorb, but it definitely captivated me for the 2 hours that it ran.

Gabriel L (br) wrote: A non-stop action-packed movie! A masterpiece (or not)!

Matthew R (ca) wrote: This movie was so bad, that it was actually good...Bokeem Woodbine, wow, what were you thinking?

Mikko N (ca) wrote: Kaurismki vie mukanaan

Meg D (kr) wrote: Amazed at the lack of great reviews I found it a brilliant funny film!

Alex B (br) wrote: A matter-of-fact Western with a perfect happy ending. But notwithstanding the code of honor, it's clear that it's all about revenge and primitive accumulation.

Konrad R (es) wrote: Nice to see for any vintage horror fan. Cushing and Lee unfailing as always, plus Patrick Wymark as a bonus.

Corey S (gb) wrote: Aside from the incredibly ludicrous plot, a lot of the puns and metaphors make the film damn near unbearable minus a couple decent ones, except for the one they can't make because it's a kids movie. I think the DreamWorks executives had a little beestiality on their minds. (I regret nothing) 2.5/5.

Collin c (jp) wrote: Good movie... not A FILM though... a movie. The laughs were fairly original and the chemistry between the characters was awesome to watch

Mole M (gb) wrote: Loved it when it first came out. But we'll datedvnow

Paul L (es) wrote: Looks pretty terrible and it doesn't star the right guy but i'd watch it out of curiosity!

Richard E (nl) wrote: "Experimental" is the best description for this film, if by that you mean a plot with more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. Dr. Frankenstein had an experiment too, and like this movie, it wasn't stitched together very well. I liked Primer, watched it 3 times. But I couldn't stand to watch this again. The entire movie is spent trying to figure out how the scene you are watching fits in with the rest. Many times it is inexplicable as to how, and when, the scenes mesh. The trouble with that is you don't get to enjoy any "story" while playing Sherlock Holmes with the vaporous plot. In trying to be avant-garde, Shane Carruth has made the common mistake that many writer-director-producers do: It seems he failed to ask anyone else if they understood what was going on before releasing this film. The end result is much like the Emperor's new clothes: some will claim to understand this "masterpiece", others with a more critical eye for story will see that this film as seriously flawed. Shane, if you read this review, please go buy a copy of McKee's "Story" and read it cover to cover before you film anything else.