Twins separated at birth, Camryn and Alex meet by chance for the first time on their 21st birthday and discover they're witches with the power to save their homeland of Coventry from the evil that threatens it. But when Camryn leaves Alex to face the darkness alone, will Coventry be doomed? Or will the sisters multiply their magic by standing together?

Reunited on their 21st birthday, twin sisters (Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry) use their magic powers to save their kingdom, in which they were born, where their birth mother still lives, from the forces of darkness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Twitches torrent reviews

Dillon L (kr) wrote: The best of the second trilogy

Kevin M (au) wrote: a fun movie to watch

Steve B (us) wrote: Can't beat a good Eighties movie and this being up there with my treasured favourites. Quite an original idea at the time, a murder, cops investigating and a movie special effects guy stuck in the middle! All the usual action refinements are present, car chases, guns, fights and killing but I like the idea that 'Rollie Tyler' uses his skills and special effects knowledge to the best of his abilities and to survive turning the tables on the cops and bad guys. Brian Dennehy plays the detective always ahead of the other cops and on the right scent, whilst Bryan Brown is the guy behind the movie magic.

Jeremy N (br) wrote: Hammer's follow-up to The Vampire Lovers has Carmilla preying on pretty young women in a ladies' school. Plenty of nudity and the inclusion of a weird song 'Strange Love' qualifies this one for cult status.

Tom H (ru) wrote: This is a good comedy that winds up brilliantly in an amazing action sequence shot on an elaborate set. Amazing camerawork!

Andyrasta S (br) wrote: Vivir la ViDa De UNa PErSoNa RaSta Jah Rastafaray