Isabelle Huppert stars as a pair of twin sisters in Werner Schroeter's gorgeously composed and utterly berserk opus stuffed to overflowing with sailors, drag queens, suicides, cemeteries, doppelgängers, fickle foxes and operatic arias.

Isabelle Huppert stars as a pair of twin sisters in Werner Schroeter's gorgeously composed and utterly berserk opus stuffed to overflowing with sailors, drag queens, suicides, cemeteries, doppelgängers, fickle foxes and operatic arias. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ishtiaq o (ca) wrote: appreciate what you have...

Grayson D (fr) wrote: Well shot and solid film but it has too little action for this kind of film and is ponderous at times.

Trent R (ca) wrote: The anti-bluesman, Atwater's childhood trauma made him into a cynical tool. In the latest interviews w/Forbes, he suggest that the current election is evidence that Atwater's legacy is decreasing in effectiveness...

Sandra N (ca) wrote: with the comment "Chevy Chase funniest movie ever" on the cover... the person who wrote that should be fired

Kenneth B (br) wrote: Not since The Parent Trap have we seen double-Lohan. This is obviously a very different film, also a very muddled one. It never really seems sure of itself, there are elements of torture-porn, murder mystery and a form of psychedelic thriller that seems to have Lynchian ambitions. It never gets anywhere near those ambitions, instead it is just rather dull and frankly quite preposterous.

SarahMay S (de) wrote: This was so hard to watch. Choppy filming, crappy editing. The story made no sense. Characters are mentioned and never spoken of again, terrible choreography, loud rustling throughout the whole thing. The trailer made way more sense than the whole movie. Ends left untied and stories left unexplained. Just, ugh.

Fernando C (us) wrote: has incredible special effects and good sets but the history it is so boring and the acting not help too much

David H (au) wrote: If I don't do this now, I'm never going to. I haven't had much time at all to do much, so here's my crappy take on the day I spent at the CineVegas Film Festival. I got to the Palms hotel at about 1:00pm for my 1:30 screening of [I]A Home at the End of the World[/i]. I went to will call to pick my tickets up, as I paid for them already. But they weren't there, so the lady gave me all my tickets for the day, and didn't charge me again. I waited around the lobby because they weren't letting anyone into the theatre yet. Finally I went in, and saw the movie. All I knew about [I]A Home at the End of the World[/i] is that Colin Farrell is in it, and it's based on a Michael Cunningham novel. Farrell plays Bobby, a guy just in love with life. We get to know Bobby throughout many years, during different times in his life. It's not until he's 15 that we really get to know him. He starts having a friendship/sexual relationship with a guy he meets in school named Jonathan, and eventually moves in with him and his family when his father dies. Several years later, Bobby needs a place to live, and Jonathan invites him to his apartment, after years of not speaking. This is where the very red headed, and amazingly beautiful and talented Robin Wright Penn is introduced as John's roommate. And a family is formed between the three. It's a nice story. They have a child, and the three of them raise it. Start their own business. The story is what I like most about this. How three people, all different, get to together, and raise a child. It's just nice. [I]A Home at the End of the World[/i] is a tad but long, and sometimes a little boring, but it's pretty good. The acting is great. Colin Farrell looks like a bum for the first half. Sissy Spacek is John's mom, and she's awesome. Newcomer Dallas Roberts is Jonathan, and he's probably the weakest actor of the bunch, but he pretty much holds his own. I guess that's about it. It's not a great film, but it's nice enough for me to recommend. And if you're into Colin Farrell, you get some partial nudity. [I][B]A Home at the End of the World[/i][/b]: B [center]_________________________________________________[/center] The film festival was set up really, really badly. They only had three screens, and everything started at pretty much the same time, so you had to wait an hour or even more before seeing the next film. So after an hour of waiting around eating Ben and Jerry's, I went in to see the Italian [I]Ricordati de mi[/I] which was really good. Much better than I thought. Before leaving my house, I looked this one up on imdb, and it was nominated for a ton of the Italian oscar equivalents, so that's why I chose to see it. And then I saw that Monica Bellucci was in it, and she's my favorite (Behind Blanchett) so I had to see it. And I'm very glad I did. The film is about a family that's having some problems, as a whole, and individually. The family consists of the father, who meets an ex, and falls back in love with her, the mother who's grown bored of an ordinary life, and wants to prove to everyone she's worth something, so she starts acting again. The daughter wants to be famous, and the son is having problems with women. The acting is just really great from everyone. The mother and father looked really familiar, but I looked them up on imdb, and I don't think I've seen them before. And then there is Monica Bellucci, who is just so beautiful I honestly don't think I'd be able to tell if she's doing a bad job. She just makes me smile whenever she's on screen. The script is both touching, and funny. It's really witty when it needs to be, and emotional at other times. It's shot beautifully, and, if this film is ever released, I think everyone needs to see it. [I][b]Ricordati de me (Remember Me, My Love)[/i][/b]: A [center]_________________________________________________[/center] After this one, I had an hour and a half to wait. So annoying. And I didn't want to attempt gambling, and getting kicked out, so I just walked around. I played in the arcade a bit, too. So finally, I got in to see [I]The Notebook[/i]. Whenever I read something someone has said about [I]The Notebook[/i], both before, and after seeing it, it always involves crying. So I was prepared to ball my eyes out. Anyway, McAdams and Gosling a great. They have great chemistry, and James Garner is good, but Gena Rowlands just, really isn't. I don't know what's up with her, she's like trying to get a comeback or something. Anyway, she's old and should be retired. Everyone knows the story already, so I'm not going to go into that. There's some great cinematography here. Really breathtaking at points. Like I said earlier, the acting is overall really great, Rowlands aside. It's major problem is that it's a little long, but that doesn't matter all that much. And it's pretty melodramatic. It's seemed like it just wanted to make you cry. But I'm a strong lad, I guess. I normally have some problems keeping my tears from flowing, but nothing was happening here. And only a few women in the audience were crying as well. So I don't know what everyone was talking about. I recommend this one if you want to see a good romance, but otherwise, it's an easy pass. [I][b]The Notebook[/i][/b]: B

Michael W (jp) wrote: Good and bad. Bad acting. Plot that makes no sense but OH so fun...

daniel g (us) wrote: the night they saved christmas movie poster the night they saved christmas actor& cast jaclyn smith art caney paul le mat

Amber M (ru) wrote: Pre-Civil War film starring Ronald Reagan and Errol Flynn.

Jack J (es) wrote: I was interested to see how good this "classic" was suppose to be... but after i watched it i actually cant believe this movie is a coen brothers classic. I didn't like this movie and i can sum it up in one word..... YAASSSSS

Raynard G (gb) wrote: This movie sucked booty. Horrible script ,subpar acting, and very few funny moments. Only thing keeping this movie from being a total dud was the chemistry between Gross and Ferrera. The cast is awesome but the writing and editing sucks. This movie shows you that no matter how good a cast is, if the script sucks, then the movie will probably suck.