Two Against the World

Two Against the World

A radio-network manager's boss makes him air a serial based on a murder, tormenting a woman involved.

Martha Carstairs was charged with murder twenty years earlier. Now, as her daughter Edith is about to be married to Malcolm Sims Jr., son of a wealthy industrialist, a sensationalistic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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thomas m (au) wrote: Not a comedy .. an occasionally light moment drama.. Drags massively in the middle and suffers under the wait of total inevitability of the end.Better than it might have been as a crap popcorn offering

dan m (ru) wrote: I have seen this film, I own this film, I remember nothing about this film... not a good sign really?

Jason M (ru) wrote: This is the first effort from Lurie, who went on to make the superior "The Contender" after this.

Codrut (ca) wrote: Don't mess with those little ones. They'll kick your ass. ;)

Andrew B (fr) wrote: Ben Kingsley is always entertaining to watch, but I'm not sure if I'd qualify the other performances as good, per se. It's kind of middle of the road Polanski, very stagey but enough suspense to keep it afloat for the duration (and a pretty interesting ending).

Ilja S (gb) wrote: David Fincher took the A-class horror-sci-fi franchise and made it into a poorly written b-class horror slasher set in space. Unfortunately, Alien feel extremely cheesy and a little overacted. It trades thrills for jump scares and tention for gore, which (in this case) is not a good thing.

Mikaela C (us) wrote: A litel bit more variety than ballet and broadway would go a long way.

uncle walty (ru) wrote: Danny DeVito was great in this

Tuco (es) wrote: "Freedom is a road seldom travelled by the multitude." A quote taken directly from this fantastic time capsule showing the, once almighty, Stax recording artists perform in Watts soon after it had burned down. Great scenes from Jesse Jackson's original "I Am Somebody" speech that followed a less than enthusiastic Pledge of Allegiance, to the awesome Bar-Kays nearly upstaging Isaac Hayes performance. In between are performances by The Dramatics, The Staple Sisters, The Emotions, Albert King, and an incident that occurs while Rufus is performing on stage that, I doubt, could happen today. Interviews with Richard Pryor and the people of Watts area are a real insight in remembering, if not understanding, the social issues still at hand 7 years after the Watts riot that are still a powder keg today.

Jeff P (ru) wrote: If you didn't know, now you know! Outstanding movie!

Paul Z (mx) wrote: Cary Grant and Irene Dunne were the cream of the crop of silver screen romantic duos. Drawn out by the incredibly sensitive nature of George Stevens's direction, they reveal great versatility in the dynamics of their on-screen repertoire, playing a couple who meet, suffer tragedy, and experience great highs and exasperation alike. What I find funny is that I do not want to describe the story very much at all for fear of diminishing the effect of going through the experience freshly without any knowledge of it, but the film is nothing more than a film about a middle-class couple trying to start a family! That's the movie! There is nothing dull about it, either. Stevens, perhaps the ablest filmmaker of the era next to Hitchcock, saw the profundity and catharsis in it, and the receptive, insightful control and room to allow his particularly personal vision to make it feel like the experience cinema is meant to be, a chronicle ensuing the life-changing happening of falling in love, and the innate personal longing to make a family and a home with the one you worship, and the trials and grief that can be as intense, though never really more, than the pleasure and gratification it begets.There is not a single insincere frame in this picture. Even its story being told in flashbacks is done to remind us how significant music is as it synchronizes the soundtrack to our lives. In effect, whenever music plays in the film, and it is predominantly source music rather than underscoring, there is a magnified reaction on our parts. Moreover Grant and Dunne's urge to settle down in a traditional American lifestyle is a minor supplement to their purely individual intentions behind it. Their innocence, their artless simplicity, is refreshing. The screenwriters, Martha Cheavens and Morrie Ryskind, have unspoiled grace in their phasing of the sequence of narrative that you become interactive with the characters.Aside from the inimitable lovability of the beautiful, graceful, flexible, hilarious, touching and gifted Irene Dunne, Cary Grant is pitch-perfect in his entirely assured performance, especially during his moving monologue in front of a judge. The energy between the two create such endearing realism. You become aware of yourself laughing out loud with the day-to-day surprises and farcical obstacles with which they get involved.

Spencer H (fr) wrote: Boring characters, boring movie, the visuals are good though.

Parker R (mx) wrote: This so called comedy, while having a capable cast, is ultimately too formulaic and void of any laughter.