Two Cops 3

Two Cops 3

A pair of tough, unconventional cops take on the underworld.

A pair of tough, unconventional cops take on the underworld. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik D (au) wrote: One day, when we all go back in time to find the most exciting movies of our generation, you will not find Europa Report listed anywhere near the top. In fact, it likely won't be listed near the top of any list that isn't about terrible endings or predictability. I will admit, for the first.. half hour? of this movie I was mildly interested. This film is three quarters "found footage" and one quarter interviews with the actors playing the part of mission control. You will not find either part overly thrilling. Anyway, after the half hour mark the film shows its hand at what we can expect for the rest of the story. From then on, it's completely a film that you've seen time after time. I was so disappointed as I fully expected a new and decently exciting science fiction film that would avoid most cliche's that plague the genre. Around the half hour mark, welcome to cliche central. And please, no one ask me about the ending. It was so obvious but at the same time it just feels like such a let down. You hold out hope that there might be a glimmer of something fresh and redeeming, but sadly that is not the case. Europa Report in my view does not deserve the current 80% approval rating that is has among critics. By the way, Europa Report is a literal title. Did you feel that? Your enthusiasm just died a little as well.

Eliabeth W (mx) wrote: AHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH HILARIOUS. The kid looks like a dwarf, the ending is hilarious.

Mique W (gb) wrote: First one was better.

Lyndsey B (mx) wrote: three words? The Defen-dant

Jason K (kr) wrote: bad bad 90s "action"

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - 12/10/2010)

Kyleigh T (ag) wrote: Confusing and fast-paced but really good actors and Bradley Cooper was awesome.

Olly H (gb) wrote: if youre in have to see this...alltime classic

Nick B (it) wrote: The idea of this was funny and was cleverly done but I felt it was an idea thy could only stay funny and be used for about 20 mins or so then it just gets repetitive and boring