Two Drifters

Two Drifters

After breaking up with her boyfriend, a woman named Odete (Ana Cristina De Oliveira) descends into madness and claims to be pregnant with the child of Rui's (Nuno Gil) late lover, Pedro (João Carreira). As grief-stricken Rui mourns Pedro's death, Odete tries to transform herself into Pedro.

Pedro and Rui kiss after a first-anniversary dinner; Pedro drives home, dying en route in a crash. Another pair of lovers, Odete and Alberto, split over her desire to have a child. Pedro ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph B (jp) wrote: Could have been better, what a waste. It started out fine, but the last half just dragged on. If not for the climactic fight scene I probably would have fallen asleep. I just noticed they changed the name from "Black Gold" to "Day of the Falcon." Why? This isn't going to help the movie be any better.

Andre L (us) wrote: Short Stories about the GL Corp, It's an awesome movie

Gabriel G (es) wrote: Lovely and funny movie, covered in a delightful and colorful photographic atmosphere. Seemed to be a surrealistic plot in the beginning, finally everything has a meaning.

cody p (kr) wrote: HORRIBLE. God awful "acting," no character depth, no plot...all the gore in the world couldn't make up for how BAD it is. The main character comes across as a big, stupid the same vein as Arnold...which takes away any creepiness he MAY have had, if he knew how to act. That's the problem with these "shocker" horror films...they focus only on the gore and forget that in order for someone to want to sit through it it has to have some other sustenance. I turned it off a little over halfway through, and that's sacrilege to me. I just couldn't bear it any longer. Don't waste your time or your money.

Eve T (mx) wrote: A fun movie about a plus sized woman who feels her life sucks, until she finds people who she can relate to, and make something positive out of what she has seen only as something negative until that point.To be short, maybe we could say it's a movie about gaining self:respect.

Bronson W (ru) wrote: "Sleepy Hollow" is another winner from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. It's like a lot of their other movies together. It's has a gothic tone and personality to it. This is the second time that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have collaborated with Christopher Walken. But not in the same movie together. Tim Burton worked with Christopher Walken in "Batman Returns" which came in 1992. Johnny Depp worked with Christopher Walken in "Nick of Time" which came out in 1995.

Eduard C (ag) wrote: A truly great masterpiece... Not blaming any side of the conflict, the actual cause of the war is a surreal ''Ogre living in the tunnel''... Shows exactly how it used to be, that friends had to face each other in a fight, kill each others families.... Such a shame that not many people actually know about this movie.....

Grant H (nl) wrote: Excellent film. Breathtaking look at the terrible time period, and the terrible area during the terrible time period, and excellent performances from its two leads, as well as the supporting class.

Akshay M (gb) wrote: Well deserved winner for best picture. Truly fascinating and honest true story of two great racers of great Britain. It's not about winning, it's more about pride and honour but most importantly it's about sacrifice.

August M (it) wrote: Wow. Sure didn't expect the fabulously-gay sea horse!

Sarah S (fr) wrote: So far, this is my favorite of the six moral tales (haven't seen all of them yet though). And I must admit I'm in love with the French fashion in this film! R.I.P. Eric Rohmer.

Juls XD H (nl) wrote: overrated, great vissual effects but just boredom and ilogic