Two Eyes Staring

Two Eyes Staring

Nine-year-old Lisa discovers her sinister new friend is the ghost of the dead twin of Lisa's mother. Lisa's father also begins to suspect his wife of hiding a terrible secret, resulting in deadly consequences

Nine-year-old Lisa discovers her sinister new friend is the ghost of the dead twin of Lisa's mother. Lisa's father also begins to suspect his wife of hiding a terrible secret, resulting in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lilianetty l (es) wrote: It has it's good moments but is not the best film of Dragon Ball Z (the art on this anime has evolved/got better but is not enough). Still if you saw this before the final tournament of DBZ, you are ok, if you saw it after Pan was born, grown, etc...go back! PS: Hope the new film "Resurrection F" is great if not...they should stop doing DBZ films honestly...but fans are fans and will keep demanding it right? Enjoy.

Chris X M (it) wrote: This Oscar Doc is not as much about the good or evil of extreme environmentalism, but instead about the crime and punishment of eco-terrorism. Interesting film, regardless of your environmental views

Blake B (es) wrote: Beautiful, amazingly well acted, and an excellent story, My Week with Marilyn is a gorgeous look into a small snippet of the Marilyn Monroe experience.

Gordon A (es) wrote: It is in the xmas period

Brian S (ru) wrote: A mediocre near-clone of Moctezuma's far superior "The Mansion of Madness" with a bit of ham-fisted theology thrown in for good measure, "Crazy as Hell" shows a good deal of promise early on but quickly becomes predictable, formulaic and a bit dull. It reaches for a Twilight Zone sort of twist at the end, but by the time we get there we've seen it coming from about a half hour into the film. The acting is passable and Sinbad, playing a pesky orderly, is suitably annoying, but it's a long trip to an all-too familiar destination featuring a couple of cut-outs as main characters. Eriq La Salle does have a couple of interesting moments as a man who truly believes himself to be Satan, but they're too few and far between to keep the film compelling. Not horrible, just not all that interesting. Comparisons to movies like "In the Mouth of Madness" are definitely a stretch.

(ca) wrote: one of the most stupid horror films of all time. The director and all the actors should pay me for the time I wasted watching this foolish movie.

Linda S (nl) wrote: I love offbeat movies, and this is a really good one.

Victoria R (es) wrote: Not what I thought it would be. Really well done, it makes you think. Good ending.

John M (br) wrote: This is a chick flick. This movie is funny and good enough for guys to enjoy. This movie has many good life lessons, that could be used for any youth leader. Jim Carey's best roll.

Maineutral R (jp) wrote: Well, it was true; this movie is "horribufuckus" (five bucks for the one that got the reference). The third Ninja Turtles movie is all-out below average and mediocre, with nothing that made the previous movies enjoyable. I don't think it's even good for children of any age, simply no one should sit through this, not even me, but this is all I do, so my loss is the devil's gain. Time Travel here sounds like a very forced and desperate gimmick to simply make another Ninja Turtles movie and squash every last dollar left for them to collect from innocent fans that were expecting a lot. This is a movie with the Ninja Turtles in the title, but nothing else about what they do best. This is the Turtles going a little full shell here.The jokes in the previous movies were already pretty hit and miss, but here they're all miss, not a single chuckle anywhere on the hour and a half runtime. The action is pretty absent for a movie with Ninjas and Samurai-ish Asian people (sorry for all the Asians around the world). There's only like 3 action scenes, two of them happening back-to-back on the 30 minute mark and doesn't come back for a third one until the hour and ten minutes, that's 40 minutes of boredom and annoyance, with obnoxious stuff and simple indifference towards everything that happens on that time. It's a shame to see the Turtles on these new Not-Jim Henson animatronics that are just plain awful. The newest movie made them ugly, but this one made them Chuck E. Cheese's-ish puppets. This Turtles based movie also lacks any notable Turtles villains, mainly because the budget could not generate any of the extravagant villains on the big screen, so they went-off to create two generic, forgettable and boring villains that are nothing but a shitty samurai lord and an annoying British guy on a horse. The perfect duo to go against the Turtles, right?! Not.Sure the previous movies weren't master pieces, but they were the Ninja Turtles being the Ninja Turtles, whereas here they're nothing but bad practical effects: no character, no charm, nothing that you would expect from them. The Turtles are just a waste in every kind of investment that you can imagine, Where? Only in the awful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. Simply skip this and be in peace.

Tido O (us) wrote: Pierce Brosnan puts on an Irish accent and kidnaps the Scottish Spartan's daughter. He then dresses up the Spartans wife in sexy lingerie, slaps her about a bit and drinks whiskey.So Brosnan puts on a terrible Irish accent for no reason, even though technically he is Irish as pointed out to me by a guy on Twitter. Gerard Butler is scottish and puts on an American accent, for no reason either. Both accents are shitty and took me right out of the movie, before I had time to crack open my first beer. American accents aren't that to do, yet it does seem tricky to do well. Statham movies are horrible partly because his accent is crazy. And why was he doing an Amercian accent in that film Blitz that was set in the UK? Why are people fucking around with accents? Sean Connery never bothered, and if it's good enough for that Bond, it should be good enough for you Piercey-baby.One scene in the movie set off my bullshit siren. Gerard Butler decides to duke it out with Piercey baby after awhile, swinging a hook flush on his chin. A good clean punch from that Spartan would probably break most peoples jaw, but Piercey takes it like Bane fighting Batman and doesn't even flinch. Even Bond went to ground when he got hit. @thepeterbrooker

Matt N (nl) wrote: funny & great jackie chan fight scenes

Stephen R (mx) wrote: Hilarious and awesome.

Ravan Florentin P (kr) wrote: uninteresting, couldn't follow the ugliness

jen m (ru) wrote: this sounds amazing.

Dylan W (gb) wrote: 79%The best animated film about Pirates who go an adventure with scientists and a monkey along with their bird (and not to mention a bloodthirsty women who hates pirates) ever!