Two Half-Times in Hell

Two Half-Times in Hell

On Hitlers birthday, the Germans decide to organize a soccer match between prisoners of war and Germans...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:Hungarian,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   prisoner of war,   jew,  

On Hitlers birthday, the Germans decide to organize a soccer match between prisoners of war and Germans... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Two Half-Times in Hell torrent reviews

A Z (gb) wrote: Bad name, simple story, good acting, I'll take it.

John P (kr) wrote: It has nudity, nuns, and guns, which one expects from the title. Lots of revenge, violence, and so on. This movie passed from guilty pleasure / naughty shock territory into offensive territory due to the multiple on-screen graphic portrayals of rape. It's not rape as a central plot device (setting a heroine off on a path of revenge), but rape as shock / titillation. There are lots of unclothed nuns and a bit of girl / girl stuff, but any enjoyment one might get from that is thoroughly canceled out by the rape scenes. It's not something to ban or try to get removed from Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, etc., but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Yuck.

Johnathon W (jp) wrote: Gorgeous martial-arts films that represents some of the best in the 'wire-fu' genre in recent years. Ziyi Zhang is beautiful & mysterious as Mei while getting to show off her skills as a dancer in a brilliant opening sequence. She's matched well with Takeshi Kaneshiro, who makes an appealing lead who is both charming & convincing in the action scenes. Behind the camera, Yimou Yhang crafts beautiful film, with unique action sequences and a twisty story. In a nice twist, both the government & rebels are not depicted in the best light, with the characters played as pawns in their larger schemes. This gives the film more gravitas than others in the genre, and while there may be one too many twists (at one point you're not sure what to believe) it builds to a tragic ending. Overall, one of the best & most beautiful martial arts films in years.

Abel D (nl) wrote: Perhaps Levinson's last hurrah, 'Heights' is sweet, understated and even cheeky. Of course, aside from a great cast of charismatic youngsters, the film pulls off a fine balancing act of teen romance with statements about social and racial affairs of the time.

Ariel R (de) wrote: Love it! "Ooh, this problem!"

(es) wrote: idahoooooooo....potatoeeeee

Thomas B (us) wrote: Great performances from Humphrey Bogart and Betty Davis. (Ps: Betty Davis was my Mothers favorite Actress)

Sally A (ca) wrote: This is a strange little film! It is amusing but distracting and convoluted. What I do love about this film and why I rate it quite highly is the mesmerising chemistry between Hepburn and Holden - they just work so well together. They work so hard to hold up what is really a mediocre script and a film that would have been forgettable had it been cast differently. It is also visually, a very bright and colourful film - wonderful clothing and the Paris apartment setting is lovely. There are also some great lines in the film within the film such as Ricks dying word 'Giraffes' - I loved that. This is however all in all a rather silly film.

Greg R (jp) wrote: Even though this movie is flat at times, Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz play their roles as the Keane's extremely well, and Big Eyes is a good film overall.

Keira R (br) wrote: Meh!!! While more entertaining than I thought, it was still highly predictable and so cliche-ish. I'm definitely not the type of audience for these films...I HATE predictability....

Sarfara A (es) wrote: Re-watched State of Grace (as Sean Penn has arrived in Badin-Sindh, here in Pakistan today). Starring Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Ed Harris. A wonderful crime-film, worthy of stormy praise for the performance from Gary Oldman, he is the force of the film no doubt in that; his performance is so striking that actors like Sean Penn, Ed Harris seem out of nowhere. Film captures stunning locations with its great cinematography work.