Two Little Boys

Two Little Boys

Kiwi black-comedy about Nige and best mate Deano (Flight of the Conchord's Brett McKenzie and Hamish & Andy's Hamish Blake). Directed by Robert Sarkies (Scarfies, Out of the Blue), based on the book written by brother Duncan Sarkies. Nige (McKenzie) runs over and accidently kills a Scandinavian soccer star in an unfortunate incident involving a hot meat pie, a ginger cat and a policeman. He chucks the body in a nearby road works hole and runs to his best mate of fifteen years, Deano (Blake). But Deano's not the guy you should turn to in a crisis...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
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  • Keywords:based on novel,  

When Nige finds himself in a spot of bother after a series of unfortunate incidents, he is forced to ask Deano for help. The problem is Deano is not really the kind of guy you should turn to in a crisis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah C (de) wrote: This was surprisingly OK for such a low-budget effort. Tense atmosphere and quite a few jump scares. Just the way I like it ...

Becky J (it) wrote: Bloody and a bit offensive. VERY FUNNY!

Julie R (de) wrote: The central character is well acted and portrayed and an interesting relationship between Frank and Lynette develops in the initial stages of the film. However, the character of the daughter, Christine, was clicheed and had really weak dialogue. I felt that the opportunity of developing the father-daughter relationship was missed. The development of the abusive relationships between Lynette and Danny/Danny and Frank made for uncomfortable and gripping viewing during that section of the film. Lynette's character was generally well played but I did struggle to reconcile her physical robustness and glowing health with her life on the street/substance abuse and the recovery from crack addiction also seemed remarkably straight-forward and quick. By the end I felt like I'd just seen a extra-dark and dismal episode of Casualty, not a 'thriller' as the promotional material promises. It is watchable, uncomfortable to watch in places and I did relate to the central characters, especially Frank. Didn't quite meet its potential though.

Cheryl C (jp) wrote: didn't like the beginning by killing a dog... a much bloodier movie. still kinda freaky. not that bad of a movie I guess. but like the rest, it left hanging for another one to be made. guess I'll be watching for boogeyman 4.

Jim M (es) wrote: 5 Years after World War III America is divided into 13 Provinces ruled by Martial Law. The populace in the few remaining habital areas are forced into slave labor camps, the outlying areas are patrolled by the P.O.'s who are given free reign so long as the goods the Provinces produce continue to flow to Haven from which they get the only treatment to the deadly P19 Virus that ravages the population....none of which bothers are protagonist Sean Kalos who's spent the last 5 years looking for his wife....awww isn't that precious. Or I guess he's been looking, cause for a guy who's suppossedly been wandering the Nuclear ravaged ruins of a country under martial law whilst manage to keep a lethal virus from killing him he's got all the survival instincts of a retarded chimpanzee (minor quibble he looks remarkable clean for a man suppossedly spending the majority of his time in the woodlands). See this movie has quit a bit going for it, some good cineamatography, some good music, acting that ranges from deceint to good (I was particularly found of Brian Tee's character Jax, Chad Mathew as P.O. Harris, Emily-Grace Muarry as Sean's wife and Philip Boyd as P.O. Anderson could have made a good villian if given more to do), and their are a couple of scenes executed perfectly, and yet the movies nothing more then passable. The problem in my humble opinion is well we follow Sean Kalos' story its not very interesting (Harrison Paige's Red and his resistance to the Provincial Authorities, Harris' dissillusionment with his commanders, the promise of a cure, rumors of a coming messiah or Jax surving in the wilderness all hold the potential to be a shitload more interesting then the story the movie focus' on). See will everyone keeps gabbing on about how heroic Sean is (prolly because the film's writer Gary Weeks plays him) we don't really see him do anything heroic, unless you count having his ass pulled out of the fire by 3 or 4 different characters being heroic, (but but but he's looking for his wife, he loves her and hasn't given up hope that inspires Harris...yeah...what Harris should've said was that Sean was a stubborn not exactly the same thing as heroic). Also well are hero seems offended by Jax's "I'm doing whats best for me" philosphy he doesn't actually do a whole lot to differentiate himself (actually he comes off as a bit of an entitled twat expecting everyone to drop what their doing so he can find his wife who may or may not be alive) as during the course of his search he allows an innocent woman to get shot on his behalf and another to be arrested and mutalated...then when he finds what may be key information regarding a cure for the virus slowely killing the population he's still like "fuck the cure I want to find my wife". Which brings us to yet another problem with are protagonist. He's got a head full of bricks (or he's just so horny after 5 years he can't think). See most people would view this information on a cure, even if they thought fuck the world I wanna find my wife, in addition to benefitting oneself and one lady love, is also one hell of a barganing chip that would also make the finding and retrieving of said lady love a fuckload such most people would prolly be a tad more curious about this cure but not our Sean. Sean stumbles from one acting of idoicy to another especially at the end, where he rescues (or rather Harris rescues, Sean does fuck all) his wife. Here's a pro tip free of charge, when one is rescuing their signifigant other from brutal slavers operating with impunity for the love of God wait to have your reunion with the gazing into each others eyes, wrapping your arms around each other and smooching, wait until you are at the very least out of sight of the front gate of the slavers compound, just saying. End rant...just skip this one k.

Pete S (au) wrote: Thanks to TV and movies, Beach Resort paradises seem like a very weird place. People seem so consumed by the next big thing that what is popular in the community depends on the cultural zeitgeist. Never Back Down sought to modernize the underdog sports movie with the sport of the moment (mixed martial arts [MMA]) with the medium of the moment (viral videos). Never Back Down never quite achieves maximum liftoff due to plot contrivances and severe logic flaws, but it does provide a nice time capsule of what the social elite was like in 2008. And abs. Chiseled, terrifying abs. The story stars in Iowa. Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) is one of the stars of his football team, but a brief fit of rage ends his football career. To support his aspiring tennis star brother (Wyatt Smith), Jake departs to sunny Orlando. His football brawl draws the eye of local MMA king of the hill Ryan (Cam Gigandet). Ryan uses his beautiful girlfriend Baja (Amber Heard) to lure Jake to a party so Ryan can beat him up. After the beat down, Jake uses new best friend Max Cooperman (Evan Peters) to set him up with Jean Roqua (Djimon Hounsou), the best MMA teacher out there. Through training, Jake learns how to channel and control his anger into the fight and out of his life so he never has to worry about backing down again. Never Back Down deserves credit for being one of the earliest adopters of using viral video to spread someone's reputation. YouTube has become so prevalent in society today that we take for granted how new it actually is (it was created in 2005). Never Back Down has tremendous foresight on personal videos and self-promotion that has become commonplace today. Now, not every girl would be IMMEDIATELY turned on by a guy who beat up someone on a football field, but the insta-status change is well explored by Never Back Down. If only logic would step in. With all the fighting Jake does, not once does anyone suggest he go to therapy, not even his mom (Leslie Hope). If I were in the Florida Police Department, I would be furious with Never Back Down. Several fights with evidence all over the internet attract zero investigations. At one point, one character gets viciously beaten, and the cops/parents/guardians are nowhere to be found. A simple police phone call would put several characters behind bars, thus semi-ruining the final fight between Ryan and Jake. What tips Never Back Down in the fundamentally flawed direction is the conflicting morality. Several of Jake's closes confidants urge him to not fight Ryan, but Jake insists that fighting him will stop Ryan from attacking people Jake loves. Never Back Down is obsessed with self-image; if Never Back Down boldly chose to humiliate Ryan and tarnish his reputation, the story would have taken a nice arc from Jake's violent teen to thoughtful young adult. Instead, after Ryan hurts several people and the fight is over, the beef is also over. Never Back Down implies that Jake and Ryan can be friends after they proved themselves in the ring, but why would you choose to respect a vicious sadist like Ryan? I doubt the macho men in Never Back Down really thought about it. Acting is certainly not why you go to see Never Back Down. However, Djimon Hounsou captures intensity better than most actors in the business. He gives the mentor role a nice arc of sadness and understanding fueled by life experience. Also, Evan Peters is nicely eccentric and captures the teens of today very well, and Leslie Hope gets some good beats as Jake's mother. It's unfortunate that these three are supporting characters. Sean Faris plays a 23 year old 18 year old stiffly. He fights ok, but can't carry a movie, although the scenes with Wyatt Smith play like brother banter. Amber Heard is there to look crazy hot. Other than her body parts, she exhibits zero chemistry with anyone in this film. Cam Gigandet has model worthy stomach muscles and looks the right amount of creepy and entitled, but he brings nothing else to the table. Gigandet and Faris know how to fight, but bring nothing to the table when they fight. Never Back Down is the movie equivalent of empty calories. In the moment, it is kinda fun, but it leaves you unsatisfied and is instantly forgotten after it is consumed. A great sports movie arouses prolonged euphoria in its audience; Never Back Down missteps enough to leave the audience indifferent or incredulous. If you want to see a GREAT mixed martial arts film, back down and see Warrior instead.

John M (jp) wrote: Funny and exciting. Ice Cube is great. Solid ensemble class.

Michael A (fr) wrote: A weak entry in the Hammer vampire series.

Russell H (ru) wrote: most boring one yet but not terrible

Peter P (nl) wrote: Mediocre kinda sequel to In The Heat Of The Night. Were in the first movie it worked well because of race issue, this is lacking that all together, and thus is just another run of the mill cop murder mystery movie that happens to have Sidney Poitier in it. Too bad.

JoanneMarie J (us) wrote: One of the funniest movies... quite 'odd' but very funny!

Greg W (us) wrote: good silent comedy and chaplin vehicle