Two-Minute Heist

Two-Minute Heist

Slacker Dino Rado, and his uptight partner, Steven Scheere made a bad investment. They borrowed money to fund a "B" movie that flopped big time and now the Jamaican Mob wants it's money back. As a last resort they steal and idea from a screenplay to cast unsuspecting actors to pull off a real heist. Their plan is flawless, until they put it into action. Dino and Steven didn't plan on getting shot at, beat up, and even worse, falling in love.

Slacker Dino Rado, and his uptight partner, Steven Scheere made a bad investment. They borrowed money to fund a "B" movie that flopped big time and now the Jamaican Mob wants it's money ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (de) wrote: Silenced is a harrowing and brutal tale of corruption and abuse of power. A small time teacher takes a job in school for the deaf in the countryside to support his ill daughter. Its not soon after that In-ho Kang discovers physical abuse from the staff at the school. Things get more shocking and tense when there's evidence of multiple sexual molestations, and In-ho teams up with an activist to expose the truth.The movie does all sorts of things. It infuriates you with its great acting for the villains, all despicable pedophiles or corrupt people who turn a blind eye for a bit of cash. It also makes you feel physically ill, with its ultra-realistic portrayal of the sexual molestations. Even though the movie is steeped in a touchy subject, there's still a bit of hope in the character developing scenes. The movie never gets too schmaltzy and delivers a story that everyone should hear about. Silenced is a terrific, but brutal drama. This one's not for the faint of heart.

Vinicius B (ru) wrote: Filmes ao estilo de Funeral Kings me encantam, principalmente quando eles (e este filme faz muito bem isso) nos mostram o verdadeiro lado das crianas alm da "inocncia". No que Funeral Kings seja protagonizado por crianas - vamos cham-los de adolescentes - mas que essa a sensao que o diretor do filme tenta nos passar durante o desenrrolar da trama. um filme simptico e divertido, que mesmo tendo pouca histria para contar, consegue envolver o telespectador com seus protagonistas recheados de personalidade e com vrios momentos que lembram um pouco o clssico do mesmo estilo "Conta Comigo".

Don S (de) wrote: An awkward tale of sex during a supposed heat wave in NYC. The heat wave has nothing to do with anything. A couple has sex, then we follow one of the participants to another encounter. After that sexual escapade, we follow the partner to another bout of sex, etc. until we come full circle back to the 2nd partner in the first scene. Boring beyond belief. Nothing titillating in any of it. Some nudity by Vahina Giocante is nice though.

Scott M (kr) wrote: Simple movie nothing over the top special i.e effects etc but at same time made me laugh. Loads cheesiness.

Halle S (fr) wrote: amazing but a bit confusing

Anupama S (au) wrote: interesting.. in some ways.. especially the beautiful scenes of bhutan are excellent.

Lee P (br) wrote: I love Veggin Tales and really grew up with it.

Kimberly T (de) wrote: Really bad.. at least everything came together in the end but still, wasn't worth watching it until the end... Could've been much better but... wasn't

Louise B (ru) wrote: It just wasn't as good as the first one :(

Ed C (au) wrote: One line summary: A solid story that looks more than a bit dated now.--------------------- Lisa visits her medical doctor sister Jenny in Snowfield, Colorado for a reunion and perhaps a ski vacation. When they return to town from the airport, Jenny's housekeeper is dead, which is the first level of surprise. They find just about everyone else in town is dead. In the second segment, the sisters encounter Sheriff Bryce, and Deputies Wargle and Shanning. The quintet snoop around a bit, and the deputies are killed mysteriously. The Sheriff manages to make outside contact before the telephones and radios are rendered inactive. In the third round, the US government sends in a team to investigate. The team includes Dr. Flyte, since the Sheriff mentioned him in his communication. The organism they are dealing with absorbs the military and the investigators, except for Dr. Flyte, a solid scientist who has become a paranormal investigator. After not hearing from their party, the government decides to send in more personnel. Meanwhile, Flyte, the sisters, and the Sheriff attempt to find a way to deal with the threat. Will they succeed, or is everyone out of luck?-----Scores----- Cinematography: 8/10 Well done for the most part. Some of the SFX look a bit dated, but still OK. Sound: 8/10 Rather good at rendering the atmosphere of the unknown and the unexpected. Sometimes it feels a bit over the top, though. Acting: 6/10 Peter O'Toole was fine, but this was not one of the better efforts of Ben Affleck or Liev Schreiber. Screenplay: 6/10 Usually I am a fan of Koontz, but this screenplay seems to be one of his more mediocre efforts.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: This was 3 at work!


Joel M (it) wrote: Robert Hooks as Mr. T, taking on the guy who played the father on the Waltons. You gotta love this shit.

Michael G (ca) wrote: One of the better later-era Bava flicks. The plot's and acting are pretty thin, but it's Bava. What Baron Blood lacks in those departments it more than makes up for with atmosphere, sets and lighting. Some really great shots and scenes are in abundance--namely any time where Elke Sommer gets chased down and that seance scene was classic Bava. On the downside, it's really easy to get sick of Sommer's dumb faces and pitiful hat collection. And that little red-headed girl was more creepy than the movie's atmosphere.

Osian C (jp) wrote: Watch it from begginging to end and u will see why it's a great emotional take