Two Mules for Sister Sara

Two Mules for Sister Sara

Hogan, on his way to do some reconnaissance for a future mission to capture a French fort, encounters Sister Sara, a nun in trouble. Before he knows it, Hogan is accompanying Sister Sara in the dangerous frontier while she seeks to achieve a hidden goal.

When gunslinger Hogan (Clint Eastwood) discovers a group of men attempting to rape a young nun, Sara (Shirley MacLaine), he shoots them dead and rescues the woman. The pair become good friends, but Sara never does tell him the true reason behind her being outlawed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jen T (ru) wrote: Watched it purely for Francis Ng and he wasn't disappointing. Very good acting on all parts. Touching story too. But something's just not right - where did he get his animal instinct for example. The "fighting" scenes weren't that great either. The learning journey is not convincing at all from the very beginning...

Chris A (kr) wrote: This movie is boring then it becomes stupid all of a sudden 4 out of 10

Alex r (ag) wrote: Midnight Movie is a refreshing return to the good old fashioned slashers of old. Putting into context that horror nowadays is bland, this is an interesting film both in concept and story. The idea for the film is good and the story is pretty interesting. I'm sure if this film could have been given a bigger budget, and backed up by a major studio, it could've easily turned into a franchise. I have only one complaint, the cast were not that great, but considering that this is an independent film, it's understandable that its exactly not a top notch set of actors. But the characters weren't very likeable either. However the actors did a fairly decent job despite them not being that great. It now seems that Hollywood is all but interested in remaking classic Horror titles. Only a handful of directors are willing to take the risk and direct something new and fresh. This is the case with Midnight Movie, directorJack Messitt first directorial debut. This film is definitely a breath of fresh air. It looks cheap, the actors are unknowns and the film just has a gritty, raw feel that echoes classic Horror films. Midnight Movie is a fun ride. What I really love about this film is that it really delivers the goods on awesome Horror, it doesn't try to strain too far by being just another Halloween or Friday the 13th clone. The cast is comprised of unknowns, like I said previously in this review. Which, in my opinion, gives this film an even greater sense of accomplishment. What I mean by that, is that Messitt uses new talent to his own advantage,and manages to get genuine scares and shocks out of these actors unlike shitty remakes. Messitt succeeds on every level. This is an awesome film worth checking out

Fernando P (br) wrote: The worst movie I've ever seen. Poor plot, lack of coherence, and almost no character development. Please burn all the copies aviable in the world, please do a favor for humanity.

Evan D (br) wrote: An amazing character study. Near perfect writing and a stellar cast highlight this look into a flawed suburbia. It's worn out formula feels fresh, thanks to its intense blend of insightful narration and subtle direction.

Jim H (mx) wrote: Sudanese refugees adjust to life in America in this documentary.What was most interesting to me was how starkly this film depicts Maslow's hierarchy of needs. After the "Lost Boys" move to America, out of the squalid camp they grew up in, they quickly ascended Maslow's hierarchy, first craving the basic necessities until the lack of community and Americans' isolationist tendencies becomes too much to handle. The film also depicts genuinely good people. They are hard-working and loving individuals. Such stories are nice in a landscape of anti-heroes.Overall, God Grew Tired of Us is a nice film about a rise from the worst situation to one that is good but imperfect.

Juan M (mx) wrote: It still is the best Colombian film, ever. Funny and biting as any world-wide classic film.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Has some funny moments. Stiller is great as usual.

Aaron G (us) wrote: This bloated movie takes place over the course of an entire lifetime... and dear God it feels like it. Its only redeeming quality is Morricone's score, which I could listen to all day.

Ian P (it) wrote: Great screenplay by Dennis Potter, a good Anglo- American production pre Berlin Wall collapse. Acting all round really good and well directed for those who can remember what it was like with the Iron Curtain in place. It's a prequel to the end of an era. Joanna Pacula is so beautiful as well and Lee Marvin an awesome bad guy, notably his final movie.

MARS D (au) wrote: A trio of misguided youths set the stage for disaster when planning a heist in one of Godard's neo-noir caper classics.

Dyron W (de) wrote: Much better and funnier than the original. Jim is still at his crazy-ass best.

Yan F (gb) wrote: The plot line was quite intriguing therefore I did have to concentrate to understand from the beginning to the end. Aside from the story line, the beautiful New Zealand landscape scenes grabbed my attention. Lots of flashback scenes are well edited to make the story well explained and completed.