Two Suns in the Sky

Two Suns in the Sky

A young child brings conflict between a pagan community and an early Christian one.

A young child brings conflict between a pagan community and an early Christian one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Two Suns in the Sky torrent reviews

Joshua H (jp) wrote: Perhaps not for the uninitiated, but I loved it.

Noah D (us) wrote: pretty good! also very funny!

Ruth L (de) wrote: A bit of a disappointment overall. I expected it to actually be funny, given some of the headlining names, but alas, it was not. As someone else put, it was entertaining enough for a boring Sunday afternoon, but not something I'd ever want to see again.

fiona l (kr) wrote: i like the story.. so cool... one of my favorite movie and the soundtracks..

Davey J (mx) wrote: an underrated indie picture that knows its themes and its characters. well cast and decently directed, though it might have benefited from a larger budget and a wider array of cinematography techniques.

Facebook U (es) wrote: Nicely packaged thriller that has some ring of truth. See In the valley of Elijah or Elah for one based on true story. The military do crimes all the time but sometimes the soldiers do more than asked, psychopaths as they are, and that makes them at odds with higher placed murderers. And also open for retaliation by victims. Well done film a bit standardly made with some flaws. Ashley is great as the naive/not naive lawyer and wife doing everything she can. I loved the other characters, making the film rich in possibilities. Based on a book, and the author participated and liked the film.

Graham D (ru) wrote: Really fun movie with a cast clearly having a ball...

Timothy R (gb) wrote: twisted, sure. appropriate for understanding depression, attachment disorders and psychosis. the flesh eating is done as zombie films are, you cringe a little and laugh a lot more

Ernie T (nl) wrote: A simple, sweet, funny film about a musician who takes his nephew on a road trip to Nashville. Great songs and music throughout.

Yanisa B (de) wrote: Very sweet cute story.

Mary J (jp) wrote: You know a movie's good when the reviews read "DO NOT WATCH 0/10 RECOMMENDS IT WILL CRUSH YOUR SOUL" seriously I've never cried so bad. I wish I knew how to quit this movie

Pauline B (ca) wrote: I really like this movie

Justin B (de) wrote: These days, 'quirky' usually means one-off Jared Hess type nonesense. JWLAH manages to be quirky while still being sweet, funny and refreshingly down to earth.

Barney o (ca) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: The ironically named "Marc-Webb"s Spider-Man may not be as fun as Raimi's trilogy, but it's more refined because of it. Here, we finally get a delicately told origin, an emotionally-engaging love story, and some character development that everyone can get into. Andrew Garfield delivers an excellent performance along the way, both as Peter, and as the web-slinger himself.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: As ever with Spider-Man, it can't quite shake the oddly annoying elements that plagued the first ones also. The 'schoolboy hero who won't ever do the thing the audience wants,' is even more of a pain in a film that takes itself that bit more seriously.VERDICT: A more serious Spider-Man thanks to Andrew Garfield. Whether you like that or not is the question, but it's arguably a more interesting film because of it.

Pavan R (es) wrote: Overall a light-hearted entertainer. Has a few good funny moments and is good for evening in to chill and not worry too much about the plot