Two Way Stretch

Two Way Stretch

Three criminals plan to break out of prison the day before their release in order to carry out a daring jewel robbery, intending to establish the perfect alibi by returning to jail afterwards. First however they must get out, a task made more difficult by a new, stricter prison officer.

Peter Sellers has planned the perfect robbery while in prison. He intends to break out of prison, steal a fortune in diamonds, and break back into prison before anyone notices. With only a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenny F (br) wrote: Great low budget movie!!

Dennis F (it) wrote: Had some moments, not enough to make it good. Could have been good.

bill s (br) wrote: Seen this type of thriller before from Willis done better and done worse.....very tired.

m m (us) wrote: The version I saw of this was badly dubbed. Not only that, the movie itself came off as very rushed. If a viewer was not familiar with Stauffenberg and the conspiracy he was involved in and they saw this movie... they would be confused. There wasn't a lot of explanation put into it. But beyond that... this movie could have piqued their interest on the subject... and made them want to do a little reading on it afterwards. But yeah... I was not fond of what I saw, this could have been better.

James H (au) wrote: When I first saw I thought the special effects were amazing! Now they're so dated it actually hurts my retina! Nothing really happens in the movie and it tries to have the emotional punch Titanic had.. but no, it fails on that account!

Jeff W (de) wrote: Excellent blaxploitation pic. Gritty story with loads of (unintentionally) hilarious dialogue. Very likeable characters and a pretty good soundtrack round things out nicely. That first mafia boss is easily the best character in the movie. The sequal "Hell Up In Harlem" isn't nearly as good.

Christian F (gb) wrote: One of the greatest closely held films of India. Very moving even for a Westerner. Nargis was very impressive in this role.

Lauree K (br) wrote: Fred Astaire's solo numbers are decent, but otherwise, the film is not worth watching... except if one finds something remarkable in a brother-sister act in which brother and sister are a bit too close.

John B (ru) wrote: Sure it is exciting and gets the troops going but it is a film of its era..something created to rally the troops in the last years of the conflict in Asia but without full artistic merit.

John Eric D (au) wrote: What's cool about black dynamite is its funny comic sketch with those old skul funky music, old skul camera angles and made Michael Jai White an African American Bruce Lee. White's genius knows what the viewers wants these days and he digs it.

David K (de) wrote: A shocking and effective action drama. Awesome performances from both leads, and one of the best child performances ever by a young Natalie Portman, who is able to add to the sexual tension in the relationship.