Two Weeks Notice

Two Weeks Notice

Dedicated environmental lawyer Lucy Kelson goes to work for billionaire George Wade as part of a deal to preserve a community center. Indecisive and weak-willed George grows dependent on Lucy's guidance on everything from legal matters to clothing. Exasperated, Lucy gives notice and picks Harvard graduate June Carter as her replacement. As Lucy's time at the firm nears an end, she grows jealous of June and has second thoughts about leaving George.

A lawyer decides that she's used too much like a nanny by her boss, so she walks out on him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monique S (de) wrote: copy of school of rock. dnt waste ur time

Elliott B (es) wrote: Okish Disney kids movie with alien kids and The Rock. UFO convention with fans dressed as stormtroopers!

Erin S (ca) wrote: this is why i stopped disliking annabelle gurwitch. upon watching it, i immediately bought the book and dvd on ebay. it really struck a chord with me for some reason. *cough*

Matt W (br) wrote: Right there with Pi and Following as one of the great modern B&W thrillers.

Daniel H (ru) wrote: Sick Film, ain't seen nothin' like it, if I was one that survived I would cover my whole body in blood and play dead to get out. Worth a try.

Collin c (ca) wrote: why is this getting such good reviews? it's not that great

Scott C (au) wrote: Really disappointing as I'm a fairly big Hughes Brothers fan.

Wade H (jp) wrote: Besides a familiar story, cliche thrills and high school drama. It's actually a good watch with a by-the-books plot, decent acting and theatrical directing.

Ellen T (es) wrote: Poetic and profound.

Mike V (au) wrote: a great film...tom cruise plays the part great...and lea thompson is drop dead sexy in this film

Scott W (ag) wrote: Enjoyable enough Universal Horror movie from 1942. This fine, but fairly unremarkable movie is short and busy so always entertaining, not always deliberately. The large cast includes several familar faces. Bela Lugosi looks bewildered and is underused throughout as a sinister butler, Lionel Atwill makes a brief, but typically entertaining, appearance as a blustering doctor and Frank Reicher is also in there too! Leif Erikson also appears as a lecherous chaufeur.

Eric P (jp) wrote: Takes a while to get going but once it does it's really good.

Andrew P (kr) wrote: the story was unique

AW C (br) wrote: Sloppily written and acted, this movie fails as a good movie and especially as a horror flick.

Jordon J (ca) wrote: I thought it was a decent film its nothing spectacular but it kept my interest and i thought Val Kilmer was terrific so slight recommendation.