Tyler Perry's Madea's Neighbors From Hell

Tyler Perry's Madea's Neighbors From Hell

Madea's neighborhood takes a turn for the worse when a foster mother moves in with her unruly kids. Suspicious activity leads Madea to take justice into her own hands. With Aunt Bam by her side, Madea uses her unique wit and wisdom for unforgettable results.

Madea's neighborhood takes a turn for the worse when a foster mother moves in with her unruly kids. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler Perry's Madea's Neighbors From Hell torrent reviews

Farah R (us) wrote: Surprisingly, this is a genuinely funny comedy. James Franco might have a severe case of unlikable personality disorder but that's just how well he played his character in this Dating What Daddy Hates trope and it worked quite well humor-wise. Why Him? Could've been way better had it avoided a couple of cliches and yet I found it enjoyable anyway.

Harsha A (fr) wrote: Profound and moving. Does justice to the many victims of this tragedy.

Pit B (nl) wrote: love this movie so much !

Lee M (gb) wrote: The result teeters uncomfortably between dead-end-job slacker comedy and high soap, but it shows enough potential to bode well for Milani's future.

Marvia G (jp) wrote: In Bella's list. Probably will go tonight if Nana doesn't take her this afternoon.

Mike W (au) wrote: Just another version / ripoff of "What's Your Number" lame.

Damo G (ag) wrote: this movie could have been done so much better. the story is great, as it is in the boxing history books as one of the darkest days in boxing. Sonny Liston takes a dive (u can aruge that, Ali's punch was so quick u just don't know) in the rematch with Cassius Clay. Then his death is still a mystery, shocking for a man that was in prison and then to become the Champ. Great Legacy of one of the top punchers in the sport

Nathaniel R (ag) wrote: The twist is pretty predictable but there are some decent scares. Decent early effort by James Wan.

Ashley H (fr) wrote: The Giver is a disappointing film. It is about a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world. Brenton Thwaites and Jeff Bridges give horrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Phillip Noyce did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture. I probably would have liked the movie better if I had read the book.

Andres V (mx) wrote: Interesante mezcla entre entre video y animacion sobre la vida de una ninia nacida en un burdel y su tio, un sacerdote un poco violento y con una muy mala actitud contra el mundo del porno.La historia es interesante en un principio pero con el paso de los minutos empieza a aflojar y a torcerse hacia una violencia sin mucho sentido.Con todo, creo que vale la pena sentarse los 90 minutos a verla.

Ken S (ag) wrote: Jim Jarmusch directs this feature about a man on the verge of a mid-life crisis who receives an anonymous letter claiming he has a son, and is prodded into looking up the four possible women who could've sent the letter by his neighbor and friend. Bill Murray is pretty great as the low-key Don Johnston, and the film is decent overall. It doesn't have big answers or wrap everything up in a nice pretty bow, but it is a decent film with a solid performance from Murray. I wouldn't say it's Jarmusch's best work, but it is fairly entertaining.

Dawni C (jp) wrote: America Ferrera shows us why we can't seem to get enough of her.

Hector C (mx) wrote: una excelente pelicula muy divertida

Shawn M (ru) wrote: Mixed feelings. Any one-man show by Philip Baker Hall has high potential to be entertaining, but I'm not so sure I was 'entertained' by this film. You can't argue that a) it's an interesting approach to the character of Richard Nixon, and b) that Hall gives an impressive performance. If the entire film rested solely on the performance, it would be a complete success. But some of it just feels so... forced. Still, more is there to be admired than not.

Kim M (ag) wrote: This movie feels like the dramatization of Plato's allegory of the cave and its sequel. I loved it. But don't watch it before bedtime.

Private U (nl) wrote: hm, I go for these psycho ones - this one got me... shiver!