Two men searching for black pearls are marooned on an island when their crew mutinies. There they run into a beautiful girl who had been washed up on the island in her childhood. They must fight angry natives and a typhoon in order to survive.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:1940
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   explosion,   snow,  

Two men searching for black pearls are marooned on an island when their crew mutinies. There they run into a beautiful girl who had been washed up on the island in her childhood. They must ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason M (gb) wrote: The only thing more shocking than Warriors of the Rainbow is the fact that the source of its story is so unknown. Based on the true and horrific Wushe Incident, Warriors is an unprecedented paragon of film-making, effortlessly winding through profound moments of passion and warfare. Not for the faint of heart, Warriors combat is as graphic as it is true to the history. It's ultimate strength however its power to remain with the viewer long after the vivid and thought-provoking climax.

Erica S (jp) wrote: If someone was to ask me what this movie is about, I have no clue, I was busy reading US magazine that is how boring this movie was .

Ian P (us) wrote: A story of two friends who each have their own story to tell got a chance to explore Spain and meets unexpected self-discovery and truths in life while on adventure. This comedy and travel movie will surely delight you with its twist and turns. Barcelona was beautifully depicted in this movie that you would want to visit it after watching this movie. This is a highly recommended travel movie for travel-lover. While the story has genres of romance, it was injected with comedy and life lessons. If I summarize this movie, it's about going someplace to discover yourself and finding your own path in life. Javier Bardem was good in this movie but Penelope Cruz's portrayal of crazy Maria Elena was so remarkable that she garnered a 2008 Oscar Best Supporting Actress for this movie. Scarlett Johansson could have a notable character but her portrayal wasn't memorable, whereas Rebecca Hall as is more notable than her in this movie based on performance. It's my first time to watch a Woody Allen directed film and I say this film has a surprising plot and he gave it a good artistic touch.

Geoffrey O (mx) wrote: As a Drew fan, I didn't mind this film too much on it's own. The mystery was interesting, and the characters were fun, but it just wasn't Nancy Drew. The franchise has yet to get a good successful screen adaptation, and I admit it would be hard to do it set in the present time (early 30s or early 60s would be best). A TV series would also work better than a movie (the 70s show was a good effort, but still no cigar).

William D (gb) wrote: "The Holy Girl" is one of the most boring films I've ever seen. Set in a hotel during a doctors' conference, it chronicles myriad banalities such as people having lunch together silently. Then we watch maids doing laundry. Then the children of hotel employees take religion classes together. Then teenage girls wash their hair, etc. One banal sequence after another. One girl who lives at the hotel starts to have feelings of longing for one of the doctors at the conference after he touches her in a provocative way one day. She starts following him around the hotel, and he tries to avoid her. The girl's mother also develops a mild crush on this doctor, which is hard to understand because he barely ever speaks or does anything interesting. Almost no one says anything interesting. There is practically no script at all. I cannot understand what writer/director Lucrecia Martel thought was so interesting about all these banalities. Her most recent film, "The Headless Woman," was vastly more interesting. By contrast, "The Holy Girl" has almost no content whatsoever. This is a must-avoid.

Scott R (es) wrote: The fair telling of an important conflict.

James S (es) wrote: It's DEFENCE goddammit, DEFENCE. This slow-paced, low-key British movie is one of my favourite films of the 1980s. I imagine that my idea of how a journalist should behave is based on Denholm Elliot's portrayal of a hard-drinking, hard-smoking hack.It's very left-wing, very cynical and, well, Greta Scacchi is just FIT isn't she?And it's a bit of nostalgia for Londoners who want a reminder of what Fleet Street was like in the days when the newspapers were there and what Hungerford Bridge was like before all the Millennial improvements.

The Phantom C (it) wrote: Demon Seed is somewhat intriguing and highly uncanny.

Jason L (ag) wrote: Quite a disturbing and thoughtful portrayal of screenwriter named Dixon Steele, played deftly by Bogart. His career is not what it used to be. And when the movie begins, he is now more popular as tabloid fodder for his fights and drunken carousing. One night he takes a naive woman home to "read" to him about a book he has been asked to adapt. She leaves and is later found murdered in a canyon. Steele is quickly a suspect, and in the course of the investigation he meets Laurel Gray, a neighbor, and an upcoming starlet as well. As the investigation continues, Steele is zeroed on in as the prime suspect, and yet his relationship with Gray blossoms. The movie plays with the trappings of noir by setting us up for expectations of femme fatales, psychotic sociopaths, and our usual expectations when we watch this type of movie. Ray's direction of Bogart and Grahame is excellent, especially when he plays on the themes of love, sex and murder. A great movie.

Rodolfo R (fr) wrote: Universal has just released The Gary Cooper Collection, a collection of 5 of Coop's films from the 30s, retailing for about $25 but available for $20 online. That's $4 a picture. Sweet. Of the lot, I've only seen [i]Design for Living[/i], so I bought the set. I figure [i]Design for Living[/i] is worth twenty bucks and I got four free movies!!!! [i]Design for Living[/i] is based on the Noel Coward play of the same name. Ben Hecht wrote the screenplay and apparently discarded all of Coward's work, retaining the basic concept: George, a painter, and Thomas, a playwright, are Americans sharing an apartment in Paris. They meet Gilda, who falls in love with both of them and moves in, acting as muse and critic to their respective arts, but with NO SEX. Directed by Ernst Lubitsch and featuring Coop, Frederic March, Miriam Hopkins and Edward Everett Horton (as George, Tommy, Gilda and Edward Everett Horton), [i]Design for Living[/i] is a very fun and very funny sex comedy that could only come from the early thirties. Gary Cooper isn't really remembered as a comedian, but he had a wonderfully droll way with a line. Frederic March subverts his usual stentorian self with an unexpected goofiness and appears in boxer shorts in one scene (March had terrifcally sexy legs. Check out his gladiator garb in [i]The Sign of the Cross[/i]. Woof!). Miriam Hopkins is sublime as Gilda; outside of [i]Becky Sharp[/i], she did her best work with Lubitsch and is in top sexy madcap form here. Lotsa fun. The set also includes [i]Peter Ibbetson, The General Died at Dawn, Beau Geste[/i] and [i]The Lives of the Bengel Lancer[/i].

Paul J (ag) wrote: Schrader's prequel was ambitious and had great potential. Sadly, it didn't quite work out. First off, he was fired during the filming. They replaced him with Renny Harlin who made a significantly different version. Finally, when Schrader was allowed to return to finish the film, it seems they ran out of money. It looks relatively cheap at times. However, Schrader's cut has more political weight and feels more artsy. A couple of his choices almost make for a better cut but, overall, Harlin's is a much better HORROR film. Which kills me to say because I respect Schrader much more.

Toby C (ru) wrote: I was highly disappointed with this film after expecting much more. The movie is unclear on what it's trying to do as the movie turns to a mess in the last act.

Anthony V (br) wrote: Liv and Scott do some good work here, but just didn't suck me in. It probably suffered from me seeing the similar "Them" the night before, but it also seemed to drag in a few places, especially when Liv was crawling around (no pun intended). Also irks me when characters could have done something obvious (like fleeing their home) and been okay.