Tyrannosaurus Azteca

Tyrannosaurus Azteca

Two years before his famous encounter with Montezuma, Cortes is sent on a scouting mission to shores...

Two years before his famous encounter with Montezuma, Cortes is sent on a scouting mission to shores... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (gb) wrote: A little better then some I seen but still B movie all the way silly movies where do people come up with these idea's

Julia O (ag) wrote: I'm judging myself for ever watching this movie. It was absolutely disgusting and barely funny.

Jose D (fr) wrote: There's worse romantic comedies out there but the movie feels like a wasted opportunity for a superb cast.

Ashly L (br) wrote: Maybe the worst movie I've ever seen. Fran Kranz and Zachary Levi's talents are completely wasted.

Harley M (jp) wrote: Funny without being overly mean and clearly made from a place of love for its subject matter. Sweet with a real sense of character and relationships. (and TWO gay couples!!! it does my heart good to see loving same sex relationships)

Steve W (it) wrote: The acting is good and so is the atmosphere, but this film isn't 100% awesome. The ending needs work and the script is full of Paddy's isms, such as characters telling their backstories in broad detail dumps. The movie has some chilling moments but then soon ends on a whimper, but it was an interesting movie.

T Time (us) wrote: I love this movie. It's like a Disney crossed with Indiana Jones. I have this DVD.

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Jay B (ca) wrote: Not particularly interesting.

Gregory K (ca) wrote: A well told tragic story of a brilliant man.

Anthony A (de) wrote: This film had a good story but the thing is it had a little big blooper, even though this had better military knowledge then most films (Proper Uniform wear, Saluting, Drill, Etc.) but that medivac Huey would have never crashed if it had its top cover and also in this film I believe they might have broke some Geneva Convention rules and regulations.