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Gordon B (mx) wrote: Instead of being spooky or scary, the movie just ends up being gross, really, REALLY gross.

Jon H (us) wrote: Adam Deacon has been really good in everything else but his directorial debut, which comes off as a torrent of badly conceived gags and essentially Kevin and Perry in the Hood - a terrible concept. Anything with Richard Blackwood in should be avoided (he's in this ; )

Aaron R (us) wrote: It had a good story, it reminded me of the first saw movie,in the way the psycho teaches his victims by confronting their own fears and pushes them to the limit. It's a very dark story the has no hope, but that's why it's called dread.

Michael G (gb) wrote: Excellent. An eye opening film.

Wu C (kr) wrote: Interesting insight on the struggles of getting a script from the page to the screen. Great reference for anyone wanting to be a screenwriter in Hollywood.

John S (de) wrote: Despite an interesting (and tragic) film development story, Suspect Zero manages to be a decent serial killer film with rather enticing visual imagery and fantastic performances. It's not anything spectacular, a large chunk of potential is lost quickly, and the script certainly could have been written better. But then again, it's a watchable adequate thriller that's very engaging and easy to enjoy.

Stanley K (br) wrote: Underrated, though much depends on your interpretation of the final 30 minutes

Liam Y (us) wrote: Nice good movie. It's old so that's why it isn't god enough.

Julian G (ru) wrote: This movie is horrible, the acting is soo bad.

Linda R (ag) wrote: I loved the teacher's and the boy's first kiss!!

Leathy J (br) wrote: Yeah I love Troop Beverly Hills and I aint ashamed to share it. Classic film. Still holds up. Shelley Long is a goddess.

Zachary K (it) wrote: This is superb. Charles Martin Smith is terrific as Tyler, the biologist who studies the furry friends in the middle of the Arctic. I recently read the book by Farley Mowat... While the film takes liberties with it, it preserves what made the book special and it holds up on its own.Grossing just under $30 million at the box office, this was one of 1983's top hits. Earned an Oscar nomination for Best Sound (it should've gotten a Best Cinematography nod as well).

Markus M (nl) wrote: Despite some stories in this horror anthology movie working better than others, the film as an overall experience is like watching a live-action horror cartoon with just the right blend of self-conscious tongue-in-cheek humor and genuine honest suspense to make it work, the highlight of it all for this viewer being the deliciously wicked performance from Leslie Nielsen which is one that will surprise anyone who only associates Nielsen with his comedic performances.

Private U (ag) wrote: A little more out there than the first movie, but at least it's still funny.

michael b (es) wrote: saturday afternoon classic

Aaron H (kr) wrote: I have this movie, seen it a few times, and I must say it's one of my favorite kaiju films. It's plot is similar to the original Godzilla, but instead of a fire breathing monster, we have a pair of Pteranodon-like creatures called Rodan, as well as some man eating caterpillars called Meganulon. The English dubbing isn't too bad, and It's a really nice movie if you see cheesy special effects as an oversight. The soundtrack is compelling, too.

Ching T (ru) wrote: Jessica Alba was horrible in this!

Matt B (ru) wrote: We get big blockbusters by Universal Pictures and then we get Prime, a funny, sexy indie-esque little comedy with a great performance from Meryl Streep.

Daniel C (ag) wrote: Bom filme, uma pegada diferente dos filmes de romance. Vale a 1h30m

Antonio N (gb) wrote: 3 of the 6 tales are good.