U-Carmen eKhayelitsha

U-Carmen eKhayelitsha

A version of Georges Bizet's Carmen, set in a modern-day South African township.

A version of Georges Bizet's Carmen, set in a modern-day South African township. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (br) wrote: A well directed look at the privatization of water. May just be for fans of Garcia, Longoria or Whitaker, it's fun to see them play unexpected roles. B-Movie, sure, but there's an interesting plot good visuals.

Jeremy D (it) wrote: A subtle, profound, and unbelievably moving film. An unbiased assessment of both the good and the evil brought on by religion, which is something of a rarity in these times.

John B (fr) wrote: I had wondered where Martin Donovan had gone after being a staple in so many Hal Hartley films. It turns out that he was preparing to do this one..an act/direct job that is sharply written and benefits from two wonderful character actors. David Morse is unbelievable.

dorothy f (br) wrote: THIS IS A GOOD MOVIE

Todd S (nl) wrote: Sexual harassment wasn't a concern in the work place until 1984, when the first class action sexual harassment lawsuit was brought against the owners of a mine in Minnesota. This is the story told in the award winning film, North Country, which graphically shows the horrors these women had to face at work on a daily basis. Charlize Theron was amazing, portraying Josey Aimes, the woman who finally stood up and said enough is enough. Theron is the kind of actress who is usually overlooked because of the roles she takes. I had a difficult time judging what kind of an actress she really was until seeing her in the role of a lifetime. Portraying Aimes as realistically as possible, Theron really made the audience feel the struggle of a single mother, having to take a difficult job, just to put food on the table. We see how the harassment at work effected every aspect of her life and it actually changed my view on sexual harassment. As harsh as it sounds, I always viewed sexual harassment as a law created by people who were too serious and couldn't take a joke, but the story of Josey Aimes is no joke. No person, male or female, of any color, race, or sexuality, should ever have to face even half of what Aimes had to go through. This example is how you know that North Country is one amazing film, because any movie that can change a persons opinion on a subject, is worth it's weight in gold. Theron isn't the only gem in this film, as France McDormand also received an Oscar nomination for her role as a co-worker suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease. I also thought that Woody Harrelson deserved recognition for his portrayal of the attorney who represented the women. In 1984, there had never been a case like this, and for him to go out on a limb for something like this was truly special, and its reflected in his performance. From top to bottom this film is very solid, the cast is terrific, and the story is a historically accurate portrayal of sadly, a much overlooked moment in American judicial history. North Country is the kind of film that I truly believe every child should see before entering the work force for the first time. It is that powerful and also earns a spot on our list of must see movies!

Kannan R (nl) wrote: Love the songs! Go RD!!!

Jonathan O (fr) wrote: great movie, didnt like it as much the first time i saw it... but after watching it again without any preconcieved notions of what it was going to be i was able to really enjoy it, the camera angles and film quality is excellent, plus its a great twist on the Zombie Genre

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