U.S. Seals II

U.S. Seals II

At a secret Russian nuclear missile base, an ex-U.S. SEAL member is planning to launch a missile strike on the United States, and the only way to stop him is with the best of the best. Because of a natural gas refinery leak, the newly formed team must infiltrate without conventional weapons and use a mixture of martial arts skills, swords, crossbows and unconventional arms in their top secret attack.

A commando of retired US SEALs must invade an island in North Japan from where a rogue ex-SEAL menaces to launch a nuclear strike against the US. Because of a leak of natural gas, fighting is restricted to blade weapons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


U.S. Seals II torrent reviews

Lea A (fr) wrote: I love this movie!!!

samuel c (de) wrote: Competently made. Not good, not bad, just average. A couple of interesting moments surrounded by... what exactly? People with relationship problems? And a couple characters so unbelievable you wonder how they made it past the editing stage.

Dustin B (it) wrote: Is it supposed to be a quirky comedy? Like Juno?

Marcello P (ca) wrote: I'm not a man ,I'm Cantona

Florence (nl) wrote: Depois de roubar um faco num mercado em Kigali, Munyurangabo e seu amigo Sagwa deixam a cidade numa jornada conectada aos prprios passados. Munyurangabo quer justia para os pais que foram mortos no genocdio, e Sangwa quer visitar a casa que abandonou h anos. De duas tribos distintas, a amizade entre os dois posta prova quando os preocupados pais de Sangwa desaprovam Munyurangabo, alegando que "Hutis e Tutis foram feitos para serem inimigos". Este o primeiro filme rodado no dialeto kinyarwanda, de Ruanda, e tem o elenco formado por atores no-profissionais.

Alex S (jp) wrote: What's with all the female Canadian auteurs of late you ask? I ask what's with the relative lack of female American filmmakers.Here, Ruba Nadda leans her film almost entirely upon a) the beauty of Cairo and b) the beauty of Patricia Clarkson's face. It's an awfully smart choice-- what on the surface could be construed as a featherweight version of those cinematic-travel-porn-romances (a la Before Sunrise or Lost in Translation) but more middle-aged and staid instead takes on its own charms. The script instead focuses heavily on the city itself, its ancient architecture and teeming culture and how Patricia Clarkson's magazine editor Juliette finds herself constantly lost in its rhythms and at odds with its traditions.If one word comes to mind to describe this film, it is elegant, in a way I rarely see in modern films. Patricia Clarkson's subtle depiction of culture shock--as a off-centering which brings on recalibration--- recalls Katharine Hepburn in Summertime. And so does the chemistry between Juliette and Alexander Siddig's complex Tareq feel mature, lived-in. With such great tools, Cairo Time can be forgiven for its relatively unambitious aims... its "slender" quality feels earned by a wakefulness won from experience.

Private U (fr) wrote: I really like this movie. Entertaining, good story. It's a good feel-good movie!

Tania A (ag) wrote: The movie wasn't that bad, just that it was most of the time the same thing you saw... white noise on the screen with 'voices'. The concept was good, the movie itself not so much. I dont consider this as a horror movie cos of the complete lack of scary moments

Bradley W (br) wrote: It is easy to see why this is the least liked of the Blade trilogy. Ridiculously over-cast, very weak plot, almost no fluidity, came across like a bunch of random scenes strung together. The inclusion of Dracula goes to show just how desperate they were for a third film to be made. The fight scenes were even subpar. The only high point of this movie was Ryan Reynolds. Also ridiculously hokey at some points. I mean come on, a vampire Pomeranian?

Tananda W (br) wrote: I love love love this movie.

bob f (au) wrote: Scott Gurney is so hot!

Mike B (it) wrote: Silly and not scary. Barely tolerable in the background while doing something else.

Ruth G (kr) wrote: I enjoyed it but I think the unnecessary bad language spoiled it. This could be a fun movie for lots of kids growing up in hockey to watch. The story is good (you have to be a hockey fan to understand the importance), I didn't agree too many plotlines and characters, but the gratuitous swearing ruined it for me..and that's a shame

DC F (br) wrote: Fairly true to the real-life version of John Holmes after porn. The movie has cinemaphotography and an even greater soundtrack...also a little violence here and there (particularly towards the end), but mostly all dialog leading up to that climax we all knew about before the movie even started. I guess you just need to know what you're getting into to enjoy this one.

Steve D (mx) wrote: a great premise is made into a kickass action flic. it is very much a van-Dmme movie but if you enjoy him (I do) your love it.

Giovanni M (it) wrote: Starts off strong then it gets really dull, Jon Cryer gives an incredibly irritating performance. I'm glad she ended up with Blaine. Oh, and James Spader is great in it so that's worth watching.

Lisa M (es) wrote: I'm not a Meryl Streep fan. Saw this movie for Sting's small role. This movie was very slow.

Michael S (jp) wrote: Not a masterpiece, but Dietrich is wonderful in this film!

Ken L (br) wrote: Sometimes I felt a little disconnected from the plot twists, kinetics & fight scene coreography. As a whole it did hold together quite coherently if sometimes unconvincingly.