Udayananu Tharam

Udayananu Tharam

Udayabhanu is an assistant director and scriptwriter, who dreams of making it big in the film industry. His attempt is thwarted by his roommate, a junior artiste, Rajappan Thengamoodu who steals his script to become superstar Saroj Kumar

An artist performs the best when is filmed unknowingly . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diana L (ag) wrote: It was not so much anything new, but some of it was successful in giving you the creeps. Not bad.

Amy O (fr) wrote: Funny (and mostly true) for those of us that have kids! I liked Adam Scott and Maya Rudolph's performances. Chris O'Dowd's version of an American accent is less than desirable.

Coley G (mx) wrote: More interesting than you'd think but I don't care enough to pretend otherwise...

Alejandro L (jp) wrote: Los dibujos no son tan buenos, la historia es muy apegada a un libreto llamado al exito, pero no le alcanza, hace falta expontenidad, chispa, pero los nios se entretienen con la historia, viene con mensaje y todo, pero demasiado predecible.

Martin P (kr) wrote: I know this was a made for tv kids movie, but think the kids would just find it patronising.

Michael P (kr) wrote: It's disturbing and tense, and does a surpsingly good job of playing totally straight a rather silly, campy premise.However, it is somewhat undermined by how illogical some of the basic premises are.

Toni B (nl) wrote: Rubbish for a film was more of a narrated doccumentary, I didnt watch the whole thing it was that bad

Heather M (ru) wrote: What stupidity is this? Do people really watch this nonsense?!?!?!

Steve M (ru) wrote: Buttcrack Starring: Mojo Nixon, Doug Ciskowski, Caleb Kreishner, Kathy Wittes, Rob Hayward, and Cindy Geary Director: Jim Larsen When Brian (Ciskowski) accidentially kills his repulsive roommate "Buttcrack" Wade (Kreishner), Wade's vengeful sister (Geary) uses witchcraft to bring him back from the dead, with his butt now cursed with a true Crack of Doom. "Buttcrack" is a low-budget excursion into silliness, where the roommate from Hell returns from the dead with a cursed buttcrack--all who gaze upon it turn into insane, blood-hungry zombies with melted faces. Leave any notions of subtle humor at the door with this goofy spoof. Unfortunately, you have to leave all expectations of decent acting at the door, too. The only two performers in the film that seem to have any acting skills are rocker Mojo Nixon (who plays the gun-toting, zombie-busting, witch-killing Preacher Bob, and who also has a pair of nifty songs featured on the soundtrack) and Caleb Kreisher (who is the flabby, slobby roommate who can't keep his pants up). Everyone else comes across as rank amateurs who can't infuse even the slightest life into their characters. "Buttcrack" is a movie that had potential when it was conceived, but the lack of decent acting by most of the cast ends up leaving it as a perfect for part of a multi-feature line-up for a "Bad Movie Night," but probably not something that you will just want to sit down and watch.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Cute movie about lost love returning with a supernatural twist. Frank Capra would've done something like this had he been alive and active in 1989.

ScubaSteve Walter M (us) wrote: Unlike any other samurai films, there's no hero in this. There's only a samurai killer. which I love the most in this movie. It's uncommon to have an antagonist as the main role in the chambara genre. Tatsuya Nakadai has proven himself once more as master actor aside from his role in Harakiri. It's nice to see Mifune also in a short but sweet role. Another attraction to the film is the detailed sword techniques they used that is clear to the audience. The only setback is the abrupt ending that never answered a lot of plots.

Indra W (au) wrote: I do not care about the story, but I really enjoy marching bands performance in this movie.

Alex P (us) wrote: powerful nd moving movie from spike leei love how it took place in italy nd u hear in this movie italian, german nd english.this is one awsome movie.