Uff! Yeh Mohabbat

Uff! Yeh Mohabbat

St. George's College in Bombay has two sweethearts namely, Chiclet (Saddiya Siddiqui), and Raja (Abhishek Kapoor), until Raja sets his eyes on Sonia Verma (Twinkle Khanna). But Sonia will ...

St. George's College in Bombay has two sweethearts namely, Chiclet (Saddiya Siddiqui), and Raja (Abhishek Kapoor), until Raja sets his eyes on Sonia Verma (Twinkle Khanna). But Sonia will ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sue S (ru) wrote: Some intense fighting but what was better was the story.

Angela W (ca) wrote: Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister Jones lead an amazing cast in this story about a couple that is bored with each other and basically tries to break up nicely. I love Julie White and Andrea Martin as the mothers of the mixed up couple.

Eddie G (kr) wrote: Best Bond in decades

Ofer I (br) wrote: A very cute movie. Fun to see a couple of NPR voices as corporeal beings :) Jon Stewart being the same Jon Stewart, but doing crosswords rather than joking about the news. Exciting finish.

Polly B (ca) wrote: One of my favourite films, light hearted teen movie. Beautiful

Swayamdeep S (ca) wrote: Very good documentary, I liked the format & style.The content is interesting & well put together

Waleed A (de) wrote: good movie. good story. great cast and awesome acting (2 viewings)

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Amreen G (jp) wrote: officially mr ghai went nuts

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Jonathan Y (es) wrote: Sleaze-maestro Jess Franco jumps onto the early eighties "body count" splatter movie bandwagon, and while he dutifully follows many of the standard tropes (lots of red herring suspects, much groping and bickering amongst a cast of horny young things, and of course the requisite gruesome kills), he thankfully also brings along his unique visual style and flair for perverse plot twists. While the body count itself is fairly slim by today's standards, the kills themselves are rather gory, with the showstopper being a truly spectacular decapitation at a stone mill. Regrettably the pacing is distractingly lax, with a few too many scenes of the heroine (pretty Olivia Pascal) roaming around, aimlessly trying to suss out the weird goings on around her, and it doesn't help much that virtually all of the characters behave in bizarre ways that defy both logic and simple human emotion ("There's a dead body in there!" is followed immediately by "Oh, that's ridiculous. Let's make out instead of worrying about that!"). It's pretty hard to care what happens to characters when they're all acting like they come from another planet. The inexcusable (real) on screen death of a snake further knocks "Bloody Moon" down a peg or two. It's certainly no classic, but in its own demented way it is unlike any other slasher flick you've ever seen.

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T24K R (fr) wrote: If I could give it 1/2 star I would. Besides no representation of the popular book, it was so ridiculously boring and painful to sit through.