Ultimatum alla vita

Ultimatum alla vita

Women held in prison by the Nazi's in Italy during WW2.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:world war two,  

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Bonnie C (it) wrote: Having read the book, I hope the movie version spent more time on the peculiar children rather showcasing their peculiarities.

Wayne C (gb) wrote: The movie is a little soft on the zombie aspect for my taste. They come off as strangely eccentric humans as opposed to reanimated corpses who have all gone through a violent death. Nice idea, however. Just needed more and better F/X.

Heather M (ca) wrote: I think that I will pass on this one.

Jamie F (nl) wrote: It started off well, and I thought I was really going to like it, but then there were some slow scenes that dragged on for too long and some preachy anti-guns and anti-alcohol scenes that were handled a little too blatantly.

Eliabeth H (mx) wrote: i love this movie. I want to buy it. Drew Carey is so good in this movie.

John M (ag) wrote: It might not appeal to your sensibilities, this unconventional relationship, and, it might make you uncomfortable, but there's a definite line that is never crossed. Your unease should give way to a weird kind of sentimentality, as, what could so easily have been quite a sleazy, uncomfortable setup turns into a kind of father-daughter thing, one of care, compassion, loyalty and, yes, love. A thriller not too dissimilar to some we've seen before, but with that intriguing extra dynamic thrown in. Oh and Natalie Portman is terrific.

Corey L (kr) wrote: This is a pretty funny movie. The families love for money over family is definitely taken to the extreme.

Stefano L (it) wrote: Poetico e romantico dramma di Attenborough; vanta di una fotografia da Oscar, ricca di sfumature colorate e ombreggiature allo stato dell'arte, magnificamente confacenti nel mettere in risalto gli splendidi particolari dei pittoreschi ed ammalianti paesaggi inglesi, grazie anche ad un gioco di luci ardente e penetrante, e una colonna sonora leggera ma armoniosa. Le interpretazioni raffinate impregnano delicatamente la lenta e melodrammatica struttura narrativa; ne fanno da protagonisti da un Anthony Hopkins un p dandy, ma molto espressivo, e una bravissima e struggente Debra Winger (che in un ruolo simile, aveva gi fatto versare fiumi di lacrime nel tristissimo ma memorabile "Terms of Endearment"). Dignitosissime anche le performance dei ruoli comprimari, impersonati da un ancora giovanissimo Joseph Mazzello, e da Edward Hardwicke, nella parte del fratello dello scrittore di successo Jack Lewis.

Augustine H (nl) wrote: Paris has never been as hopeless as the one depicted by Bertolucci. Despite the controversies, the strong colour, melancholic score and brilliant performance by Marlon Brando as a perverted, hoary and lonely man keeps the film important in cinema history.

Russell S (de) wrote: Don't leave the window of the bathroom open while pinching' a loaf.

Anna C (nl) wrote: High quality as always with Ken Loach. Loved it!

Conrad T (ru) wrote: 1.5 stars. It would be a straight 2 if it was in a faster pace in the 1st hour.