Ultimul Corupt din Romania

Ultimul Corupt din Romania


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WS W (kr) wrote: A satire of middle class family's perfect, harmonious illusion. The setting is supposed to be potential & interesting; I just find there seems to be lack of organized writing, & too much holding back when executing. Could have been a good one, otherwise.

Mm (au) wrote: simply the best foreign movie of all time!

Gonalo M (de) wrote: Divertida. Otra para ver muchas veces

Randika S (us) wrote: What happened here? It was extremely long-winded. Where did the music go? Definitely not watchable.

Ngok L (us) wrote: ?????????? ????, ???????????! ????????????!

Ivan B (nl) wrote: Totalno cudan ali jako zanimljiv nezavisni ultra-niskobudzetni indie horor.Prica je manje vise ista ko i u svakom drugom zombi hororu samo kaj su ovdje onaj "blood & guts" dio stavili u drugi plan

Nelson B (de) wrote: Grade: A+Rating: 10/10

Mike C (it) wrote: Sigh, a movie about a girl picking the wrong guy...at least for a while. Pretty sure I should have some writing credits in this, probably especially back in 2003. The girl is evidently easy and starts the movie screwing a douchebag poet. Yeah, yeah, they make him likeable later on, but it's clear from the start that he's a complete tool. The fact that she has better options, namely a cool friend, but chooses the tool is pretty much in line with what I know about the world. The strength of the movie is twofold: these little truths that are highlighted and some subtle acting, mostly on the part of Moreau. Other than that, nothing profound. Some of the conflict is obviously contrived to prolong/intensify the story. I always think that is lazy. For instance, she finally comes around to the friend, thinks she sees him cheating, then about reverts to her old ways and screws some guy. But she doesn't. When she finds out it's all a mix-up, the obligatory fight ensues to enhance the drama. Why is he so upset? She thought he cheated on her and had good reason to do so. And she didn't really do anything? Have a laugh and get over it. But perhaps the movie reaction was mild. I'm sure someone has been murdered over such nonsense in our grand old world. But I still liked it. Moreau is quite pleasant to look at in some scenes, especially right at the end when she is "injured" and the guy comes to the party. It is a fairly cheesy movie, but if you've ever been in the various spots these characters are in, you should at least be able to relate. And for being a low budget, I thought Moreau was pretty keen on some subtle acting...mostly body language and line delivery. Definitely added to the character and chemistry.

Andy D (au) wrote: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" - John Keats said that, and he was talking about THIS film when he said it. A joyously silly piece of film-making. Amazing cast, great array of silly characters, and some truly, truly hilarious scripting. Grint is fantastic, but Giamatti steals this show as agent Johnson, he has me in stitches! One of the best british comedy movies...ever.

Matt W (ag) wrote: Family favorite growing up. Always a good laugh.

Ken T (au) wrote: Just plain weird, but worth one look...that is if you've nothing better to do"

Byron B (ca) wrote: Long time friends Rob Reiner and Christopher Guest partner up for this first great mockumentary that hits all the right notes. Spinal Tap even opened the '84-'85 season of SNL a few months after the movie opened (Guest was a cast member that season after all). Guest, Reiner, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer all share writing credit on this improvisational gem. Hilarious songs and performances including the "archival" footage showing the band's phases through the '60s and '70s. We get a look behind the scenes with this British heavy metal band, their manager (Tony Hendra), and the girlfriend who nearly breaks up the group (June Chadwick), with cameos by Fran Drescher, Billy Crystal, and Fred Willard. I once used the "This amp goes to 11" scene to illustrate an argument in a philosophy class in college. We were talking about the two schools of thought: Rationalists and Empiricists. Listen to what Reiner and Guest say in this scene and their tone of voice. I'm with Marty, who I identify as being in the Empiricist camp. Amps go to 10, whatever the loudest level is should be called 10, you don't just invent 11 and all of a sudden your amp is better than any other. These British rockers are not all there in the head, so Nigel, the "Rationalist," is stumped when Marty presents his evidence and argument. The Rationalists are the philosophers generally arguing that there are ideal forms apart from the physical world, and arguing for the existence of God. Anyways, these were the ideas discussed in my one philosophy class, and that will continue to be discussed. Let's not forget that this movie is hilarious. I also love the scene where they get lost in a Cleveland theater trying to find their way to the stage from their dressing room. This movie set the stage for all future Christopher Guest mockumentaries.

Akin J (br) wrote: Very decent classic. I made have not enjoyed it like most people, but I can see why the film is so iconic and important.

Michael K (it) wrote: Seriously funny movie although it might not be all intentional.

Sergio M (gb) wrote: WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say

jay n (ru) wrote: Worth seeing for the odd pairing of John Wayne and Rita Hayworth. They actually interact well but Rita's part is minor considering her star status and the story is weak. Claudia is lovely but totally unbelievable as Duke's daughter speaking with her natural Italian accent while supposedly being raise by him, he of course talks like John Wayne. Not a terrible film but diffuse and without a strong point of view, that may be because the film was begun by Frank Capra and finished by Henry Hathaway so there was no clear vision as to the shape the film was suppose to offer.

Allan N (us) wrote: It's difficult to rate these old films, of course they're out of context of today. The story was witty and well thought about. But it annoys me that Hitchcock mentioned this, as one of his own personal favorites along with the very annoying score.

Jere M (us) wrote: I really like the story, the writing, the characters and the performances (though Bogart is better in other movies). I just felt that there was not much chemistry between Davis and Bogart and that detracted a little bit, gave the movie this cold, clinical quality.

Galvy F (es) wrote: highs and lows it takes 2.