Uma Abelha na Chuva

Uma Abelha na Chuva


This Portuguese drama examines the daily life minutiae and intrigues of two scions of society in the rural village where they live. One is a wealthy landowner, the other a widowed aristocrat who lives in a world of her own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Uma Abelha na Chuva torrent reviews

Hemant P (fr) wrote: Leave horror movies to hollywood Please

Polar B (mx) wrote: Interesting perspective on history through the lens of finance. Lots of dialogue - he's pretty much lecturing/storytelling the whole time.

John M (fr) wrote: "La Herencia Valdemar" is the first part of two which form the film to be released separately in 2010. It is based on a H. P. Lovecraft's tale. Technically the film is perfect, especially photography, which is bleak and neat, the costumes are Gothic and luxury, landscape, sceneries, houses, all dark environments are detailed and Gothic accompanied by a good soundtrack. The special effects are very good.Not completely a horror film it is more a mystery film, with some terrifying and supernatural parts.

Private U (jp) wrote: this movie, just sucked. they had been better off saving their money.

Dorothy H (gb) wrote: A showcase for 2 brilliant actors. There are so many levels on which to interpret the story.

John M (nl) wrote: Almost classic 1970's disaster movie. The proverbial all-star cast takes on a train plagued (get it?) by a virus run amok. It is up to Richard Harris, Sophia Loren and company to outwit those who would run the train off a rickety bridge to kill off the passengers and the virus. Lots of well-staged action, and a pivotal score by Jerry Goldsmith that winds the film up and lets it go!

Lupus D (ru) wrote: That's it. I'm gonna download every Ortolani tune after this.

Martin W (mx) wrote: Love it! A simple idea spirals into a complex web of cause and effect. Much better than most movies of the same genre in the last 20 years.