Uma Certa Lucrécia

Uma Certa Lucrécia


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Uma Certa Lucrécia torrent reviews

Joyce G (ru) wrote: Lying about when it is coming out so probably lying about it being worth seeing

Redwan Z (it) wrote: One of the best cinematic experience....everything seemed real...

Eshaan L (ag) wrote: Actually watched it ages ago..but Thats a MOvie,,,Pascal Rollin has done his best,,,Story of early 90's war between Serbia & Bosnia,,Heart Touching story ...Loved it so much ,,One my favroite movie..Wannna watch it again..5/5..

Tero H (mx) wrote: a beautiful, clever and sad movie which takes you to its time and place.

Olivier B (nl) wrote: Guilty pleasure at its best. I'm never tired of watching this movie. Lots of great practical effects and a hilarious Oliver Platt.

Brett D (ca) wrote: This looked like an interesting movie so I rented it off of netflix. I should have known what I was getting into with a title like Ninja Cheerleaders. Terribly choreographed fight scenes, a strip club with no nudity, a clueless detective, overuse of bone crunching, nut busting sound effects, bad directing, and a confusing story. There really isn't one redeeming quality to this movie. In the special features the director said that this was a comedy but I have no idea how this could be considered a comedy. Although I did laugh a little at the fight scenes because they were that bad. Ninja Cheerleaders is just annoying and should be avoided by all.