Uma Rapariga no Verão

Uma Rapariga no Verão


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Uma Rapariga no Verão torrent reviews

Geophrey G (us) wrote: Pretty good--if you're into this sort of thing.

Marta R (gb) wrote: Uuugghhh.... how many times can I cry?

Waleed A (ru) wrote: amazing story, beastly action, everything connects with the overall story, great music, more details about how they go about doing what they do in the human world (about 6 viewings)

Aaron R (ca) wrote: A complete waste of time.

Sam M (nl) wrote: No faults with the acting, but it could've been a little easier to understand too. Maybe that was the whole point of the screenplay; these characters are quite intelligent with their speech and get pretty philosophical, almost nihilistic with the points of the many debates or arguments they have together.

Clment L (nl) wrote: Le budget est l mais c'est compltement inint (C)ressant !

Joel R (de) wrote: Corny dance movie saved by the great tunes.

Brad G (ru) wrote: Martin Scorsese's first "conventional" film came from the exploitation school of Roger Corman. It provides all the nipples, squibs, and atrocities required of his teacher, but is impossibly injected with the bright young thing's thematic desires and visual hopes. Barbara Hershey gets the job done with her dim bulb ambition, and the sexual conquests of the even dimmer bulbs around her. Mmmmm, maybe that's unfair. David Carradine's Big Bill Shelley is certainly the figure of Hoffaesque rabble rouser. And Bernie Casey is a brilliantly charismatic loyal goon with a flair for harmonica when his hand doesn't clutch a shotgun. But the characters are less interesting than their director's flourishes. The climactic railroad dick showdown is surreally kinetic, with characters nearly levitating, Evil Deadlike as they accept the blasts from Casey's boomstick. I don't think a shootout had ever been attempted in such a dreamlike fashion, all the while, a poor hero slips off into the distance, crucified to a moving train. A solid film with an epic finale. VF.

Greg T (mx) wrote: Typical 1950s western with a solid performance from Randolph Scott. I'm not a big fan of Scott but he genuinely seems to into the acting here more than some of his less than memorable performances. Sundown takes patience but is worth the time.

Jon O (br) wrote: one of the greatest ninja movies of all time

Jonas D (ag) wrote: i enjoyed it a lot but to loud for me

Prima C (ca) wrote: The story was under developed and way too much unnecessary singing. Great fan of AB and she was the best thing about the movie.

King L (fr) wrote: Not one of Michael Douglas' better movies. He plays a deranged laid off defense worker who get frustrated and violent on his way to visit his ex-wife and daughter on a hot summer day in Los Angeles. Robert Duvall is the police detective who stops him.

Jeff S (au) wrote: Thinks of itself as innovative, but is pretty boring