• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ummeed 1962 full movies, Ummeed torrents movie

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John B (it) wrote: Presents the issue of water from a good number of angles to expose a crisis with many different fronts to fight on. Although the attempt at hope at the end of the film is intended to motivate, it represents what is likely too little, too late.

Pete S (ru) wrote: The Dark Hours had a decent enough cast, and a somewhat interesting plot

Derrick A (au) wrote: One of the best Sam Rockwell performances.

Michael H (it) wrote: Goes to show that you need belief (and not neccessarily talent) to make your dreams come true - and after all the bullheadedry, it's hard not to warm to these guys

Ryan V (fr) wrote: Absolutely compelling film! Fabulous plot, story line, and great representation of the actual disaster within the emotional story.

Carlton R (it) wrote: Based on a true story, this delightful tale will melt the hardest of hearts,as a little girl find and rescue's some wild geese eggs from a ruthless property developer clearing land,she then rears them and tries to return them to the wild.Anna Paquin has gone on to star in X men, and of course Jeff Daniels is exellent.

Bjorn O (fr) wrote: Gillar du franska, Pierce Brosnan, Ted Nudgent och vernaturliga bikers? D kommer du att lska den hr filmen.

Will M (kr) wrote: No one makes a prettier color movie than Renoir -- this one looks like Toulouse-Lautrec did the cinematography. The arc is fabulous, the script is clever and moving, the finish is indescribable. A vibrant, fabulous movie.

Jason H (es) wrote: While I don't think it's Fords best movie, it is anchored by a strong John Wayne performance. It is also helps that it is a good movie in general and the viewer benefits from repeat viewings. As usual the scenery is superb and the general look is good.

RC W (es) wrote: An under the radar and underrated movie with a unique take, breathing some life into the romantic comedy genre which has frankly become rather stale. Well worth viewing.

Peggy E (kr) wrote: The stuttering was a distraction for me from the movie, even though I know it was an integral part.

Colton D (br) wrote: Though it feels slightly unfinished, Unbreakable features a terrific cast, a wholly original story, and great direction from Mr. Shymalan, making it a memorable mark in the directors career.