Un autre monde

Un autre monde


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Katie G (jp) wrote: No!!! Didn't do the series justice at all!

Carlitos C (us) wrote: not as good as the book but it's a descent movie

Petra M (au) wrote: Prekrasna, topla, inspirirajuca prica o covjeku koji je cijeli zivot bio drugaciji i stostruko se vise morao dokazivati, ne bi li ostvario san, postao neurokirurgom i mijenjao tudje zivote. Prema istinitim dogadjajima.

Jan H (ca) wrote: I was so afraid that those people on the island who were trying to escape would have been squashed by that gigantic ape.

Rachel B (jp) wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!! Asia Argento and Birol Unel in the same movie!!!! And one of my favourite movie soundtracks!

Kyra D (fr) wrote: I thought this film was going to be bad but was pleasantly surprised really enjoyed it.. Good action, Tamzin outhwaite was brill in it.. I think Wesley was great as always.. a good watch,,:o)..

Brisa G (gb) wrote: Jesse Spencer is amazing!

Despina D (au) wrote: I canot believe that hardly anyone has seen this! It proved that if the men in the family can't forfil there duty, the women are just as good! Don't underestimate us!

Mike C (kr) wrote: Although genuinely funny at times, there is only one way to acurately describe Wagon's East -- predictable. While watching for the first time, we found ourselves consistently predicting this movie's punchllines and were correct far more times than not. That said, the timing still brought out a few good laughs.

Anthony M (gb) wrote: It is the Latino "Godfather". Loved it.

Steven P (gb) wrote: I have been trying my best to do well in college and stay optimistic that things will turn out. I am concerned for the future, but I do know that there are people worse off than me. For those occasions, there is Down and Out in Beverly Hills. The movie industry always perpetuates how California is a land of opportunity and joy. To be honest, that sort of saccharine portrayal sickens me. I am glad this movie had the balls to tell a story about how the place is really a hellhole stricken by poverty and crime; and, more often than not, the rich people help others out of pity than genuine want of looking out for their fellow man. Nick Nolte is the very definition of the distraught person I once was, and Richard Dreyfuss gives one of his better roles here. The Beverly Hills location is utilized just as much for its alcoholic beaches, drugs, and graffiti as it is for its huge mansions and luxury cars; as I wish other films would more often. Given how I left California when its troubles began in 2000, it's time for the movie industry to stop sugarcoating its state and tell people how things really are there for everyone else, like Down and Out in Beverly Hills did so long ago.

Spencer S (kr) wrote: A film that is less about the comedic prowess of the incomparable Cary Grant or even about the semblance of a plot, and more of a political and moral tale that addresses very little and pushes the envelope for its time. Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz pulls some truly rash decisions in writing the dialogue for this film, in times being cute and full of genuine humor and at others being obviously and obnoxiously interested in singular political dealings. Grant is usually either a debonair action hero, sweet tempered authority figure, or a romantic lead. He has many faces, many characters that flourish from witty scripts and beautiful leading ladies. Here his character is so flat and uninteresting that there is little to hold on to. He is depicted as a doctor and professor who cares for people and...that seems to be it. He's good. That is his sole characteristic, and he plays it to the best of his wholesome ability. Pair that with the situation of an unmarried young woman who he falls in love with and you would think there would be calamity, chaos, and comedy throughout. Instead it's this long paced, overwrought piece of American influence, rather than a film about anything that really matters. The chemistry between Grant and Crain is basically nonexistent. He pities her, they have a couple of trite conversations and he secretly, quietly marries her. The rest of the film is killing time to build the ending up to a gravitas level. The ending itself is also long and makes little sense to the rest of the film. It's just as pointless and self indulgent as the rest, though it references back to the beginning with a conservative professor who tries to foil him which goes nowhere. Though it is slow and overtly heavyhanded, some of the supporting characters are quite quirky and eccentric, but it's not a film that finds its humor in wit or even pratfalls but built up oddities and humorless storytelling. The entire point of the film or even its moral is lost or nonexistent. There is very little to enjoy in this except another goofy Grant performance where he lets himself become childlike in front of the camera. Still, it's little consolation for a life lesson that was unwanted to begin with.

Jamie B (it) wrote: Well-acted, but slowly-paced without ultimately enough final reward.