Un difetto di famiglia

Un difetto di famiglia

A runaway coffin, a conservative wedding, an eccentric older man, two transsexuals, the police and an adorable puppy, collide on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the picturesque ...

A runaway coffin, a conservative wedding, an eccentric older man, two transsexuals, the police and an adorable puppy, collide on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the picturesque ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Un difetto di famiglia torrent reviews

Derrick P (kr) wrote: A good film for the children. It seemed to keep the birthday party quiet, in my screening. The production quality will please parents.

Colin C (es) wrote: Really outstanding. And I'm not a sci fi fan. See it.

Felicity F (ag) wrote: If Kate wasn't talking so much trash in the back I would have liked it more. I think this movie is reflective in a way, at least to me it is.

Ken D (au) wrote: What started off as a pretty funny movie and fun movie to start kept slowly falling apart as the movie went along. Toby Keith has a charm that shows his potential and I thought Rodney Carrington was kind of funny. But what made the song and video fun was not what was done with this movie. It was just a quick cash grab and that is what makes this more disappointing because with time taken, this could have been a great serious movie or something so funny. It had tons of potential.

Carlin S (gb) wrote: Way better than I expected. The plot twists were unexpected but believable and the movie had more heart than I've come to expect from movies with this amount of violence.

Ashley P (mx) wrote: the greatest movie ever!

Melissa K (gb) wrote: Great start to the Road series.

Shwe Y (mx) wrote: My favourite movie!!!

bill s (gb) wrote: Does not break new ground but Gleeson shines.

Jesse O (br) wrote: I'm an absolute elitist when it comes to watching movies in their original language. I can't stand it when I have to watch a dubbed version of a film. The issues I have with it basically have to do with the voice over not matching up to what's going on on-screen. Sometimes the voice-overs are so bad that I end up disliking the movie because of it. In this movie I made an exception for the shitty dubbing, and let me tell you it was pretty terrible, but it's not like the movie had such dynamic acting that it would've made much of a difference. And since the story itself is very cheesy, the bad voice over only added to its charm. Thankfully there are some awesome action scenes to more than make up for what it lacks. Jackie Chan, and his stunt team, did some incredible shit back in the day. It was a very fast paced and physical fighting style. Guys would get dropped on their back from considerable heights. There was the scene at the clock tower, and I don't know how this was put together, if Jackie actually fell from the top of the tower to the floor, but he fell RIGHT on the top of his head. I really doubt he actually fell from that height, the fall would have been over 20 feet, since a fall like that on top of his head would most likely cripple a man. And he's not even the only one to do such dangerous stunts, there are several times where I flinched because I thought a man had been killed, not literally of course, but I most certainly thought some of them had been greatly injured. It's actually amazing, because Jackie Chan had a relatively long career doing these dangerous stunts. Granted, it's come back to bite him in the ass now, since his body is pretty much broken down. But yea the point is, the stunts in this film were pretty incredible and the fight scenes were fantastic. Especially the last fight between the evil pirate and several of the good guys. I imagine a scene like that had to be re-done a bunch of times with the fast pace that all guys were fighting at. But at least the scene plays out very smoothly and very exciting. Of course the movie does mix in physical comedy as well, and it's welcome in this type of movie. So really a very cheesy and corny plot, and shitty voice overs, keep this from being a very good movie but it's still a lot of fun to watch.

Adam E (ca) wrote: Expecting very little i was given it in spades! Everything about this movie is absolute twoddle from the get go and it keeps on stacking up the negatives quicker than its lead can do a body slam (which he dont do in this movie!). Kurt angle is an awesome wrestler but as an actor he is amazingly awfull but the worst thing is hes the best actor in the movie! The acting goes from truly amateur to completley ott. Characters spout off inane dialogue while walking around aimlessly and the script they are forced to dribble out does not help them any either. The storyline drags on badly (essentially a ghost story simalir to the fog) with little happening at all to keep the viewer entertained and when it does it is truly amatuerish deaths! The zombie brothers look dire with kevin nash the main zombie looking more and more like a poors mans rob zombie while pyscho sid bless him gurns for the camera! Theres even a scene when kevins make up starts falling off his face! Its also makeup that ends at the neck with silly red contacts that just make them look like they have been on a drinking binge! No blood, No action, No fun! Its to long at its 80minutes running time and has no real value other than looking at how awfull it is! If you like shite films then you are in for a treat with this :D

Nicolas P (mx) wrote: Grficos maravillosos, msica maravillosa, historia maravillosa. Su mezcla de animacin tradicional con CGI y todo el fabuloso esquema de este largometraje dan a llamarlo LA MEJOR PELCULA DE DREAMWORKS ANIMATION HASTA LA FECHA... y una de las mejores en la muy extensa y variada historia de los dibujos animados.

Kyle C (it) wrote: I'm blue, and it's not because this movie was bad, it's because everything is blue. Holy smurf, what a smurfing movie, this is one smurf of a movie, I've been smurfed. Ok, that's enough. What can I say, it's cute, Smurfland is very well created and brought to life, Katy Perry's cuteness rings through as the voice of Smurfette and what can I say about Hank Azaria as Gargamel, he is one crazy mother smurfer ;)....Is it good or bad when the funniest character is the cat Azrael, well normally that's not a good thing but here it works, that cat gets a lot of and almost all of the laughs. It's a family movie, the kids will like it, the adults will laugh enough so I say this is RECOMMENDED.

Dave A (gb) wrote: Visually amazing, using different animation styles for each short story (Fall of the house of Usher, Tell-Tale Heart, Mr. Valdemar, the Pit and the Pendulum, and the Mask of the Red Death. Poe fans will enjoy this adaptation. Rare that everyone enjoyed this in our household (Teenagers, adults, small children)

Craig C (ag) wrote: I walked out of the cinema wanting my money back. Don't watch this piece of shit. Unless you're a desperate, single woman in her 40s you won't enjoy this movie. F