Un gioco da ragazze

Un gioco da ragazze

A vicious teenager tries to sabotage a naive new teacher at her high school.

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Charles R (jp) wrote: Awesome documentary on the history of Black comedy. It had me in stitches plus I learned something!

Alex r (kr) wrote: In terms of a bad comedy, Corky Romano is one of the worst films that you can watch. Poorly written acted and directed, this is one of those films that never should have been made in the first place. This is a film that is stupid, so bad that you cannot believe your eyes. This film is definitely not worth your time, and if you're looking for something good here, you won't find it. This is a failure as a comedy, one that is definitely not funny, but more stupid. There is nothing funny here, and the comedy is horrible. Corky Romano has an awful cast that really don't know how to create effectively funny material. The film just isn't interesting or fun to watch. I found it dull and boring and a total waste of time. If you're looking for something funny, you'll only find bad gags that are poorly executed. This is a bad film with a bad lead actor that has always delivered a mediocre performance. Chris Kattan is a horrible comic, and can't act whatsoever. I think that this is one of the worst comedies that I have seen in quite some time and it just doesn't work because the script is so poorly constructed that it makes you wonder how they succeeded in making this film. The film awful, not worth the time to watch and the cast are bad here. They simply don't have what it takes to deliver the laughs. Corky Romano is one of the most uninspired comedies that I've seen, and it just fails from start to finish.

adam u (br) wrote: 1 of my all time favs , Claire had the perfect emotions here but still wasnt a huge fann of Jason Biggs here not his best preformance. but still 5 stars

Cassie P (mx) wrote: I love free willie and the kid was great, love it

Sid Cemetery aka Charles Manson II (es) wrote: an amazing film. the only documentary i can think of that took a look at the real manson, not the ludicrous monster idiots like bugliosi and rivera cooked up with all their media whore-mongering. also the only documentary i know of created from a pro-manson standpoint. it points the finger where it belongs: at the society that created manson, rather than manson who reacted accordingly. anyone interested in this title should look up the book The Manson File by Nikolas Schreck, the guy who directed this title.

Adam R (gb) wrote: "'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' is probably about as good as we could have expected. It lacks the dazzling brilliance and originality of '2001.' But on its own terms it's a very well-made piece of work, with an interesting premise. Some of the early reviews seemed pretty blase, as if the critics didn't allow themselves to relish the film before racing out to pigeonhole it. My inclination, as I slid down in my seat and the stereo sound surrounded me, was to relax and let the movie give me a good time." (Roger Ebert)

Ken S (ru) wrote: This Hammer Horror version of Bram Stoker's tale is possibly the best version of the famed vampire I have ever seen on screen. I've always felt bored by the Bela Lugosi version, despite the great atmosphere and my admitted love of classic Universal monster films...but this version is more exciting, more sensual, scarier...and just plain more fun all around. Christopher Lee is just as good as Lugosi was in the role if not better...and the Peter Cushing is a fine hero in Van Helsing. There is plenty to enjoy in this feature, and I'd recommend it to any classic horror fan.

Jackson S (ru) wrote: The film is bright colorful and entertaining. I can definatly tell it was made in the 40's due to the Surrealism. It's everything Saludos Amigos wishes it could be. But the only problem is that some of the segments are a little too slow paced and lengthy.

David W (au) wrote: Next summer......prepare for boats!Oh God.......