Un jour mon père viendra

Un jour mon père viendra

Chloe is going to marry the perfect guy, but lacks the perfect father. Despite having hired an actor to play the role of her father, everything changes with the arrival of Gustave and Bernard, her "real" parents.

Bernard - advanced rich snob, Gustave - the poor prodigal alcoholic. Both are absolutely sure that they are the fathers of Chloe and go along on her quest. Imagine their surprise when it turns out that Chloe's father's place is already occupied by an imposter... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Un jour mon père viendra torrent reviews

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Very decent movie , good performence by Mc Conaughey ...maybe it should have a bit more balls , and a bit shorter .

Alan C (fr) wrote: Australian "Saw" like/lite thriller. It was not terrible. Watchable but nothing special.

Mick W (au) wrote: Other than a tidbit here and there, not really worth the time.

Rasheda B (it) wrote: ewW dA boxiN parT iS disgustiN

Steve G (ag) wrote: Based on a true story. If you are a casino/gambling fan you can try this one. Altough there are better movies in this genre.

Hallie G (kr) wrote: Nice performances and characters (the three lead females only). A plot that offers very little aside from disappointing cliches, but still enjoyable to watch and empathize.

Sonia G (gb) wrote: J'ai vu ce film il y a trs longtemps et je n'en garde presque aucun souvenir, mis part celui d'une motion esthtique indite.

Cristbal S (ag) wrote: An strange mix between great stories and some mediocre pieces. Not as funny as I wanted it to be, nor as good.

Matias P (mx) wrote: Dont get fooled, Bruce Lee is not in this one, it's a double the whole time. So cheasy that its cool. One of the most entertaining bad movies there is.

Al H (ru) wrote: Bad,Silly and Funny.

Billy P (ag) wrote: Matron, take them away!, I know I shouldn't still be laughing after watching for 100th time but for me it's a slice of British comedy history.

alan j (br) wrote: third Harry Plamer installment...updated to include an all-knowing computer that plots strategy t obring down communism...yes..far out..but alot of fun...Midwinter the character is a hoot..a wacko from texas..Caine maintains his usual self...this movie is a fairly sharp departure from the first 2 films..but with the 70s knocking on the door, it was time to modernize the franchise so to speak...enjoyable..

Dusty C (it) wrote: Thought this movie would be funny and lighthearted. turned out to be rather slow and depressing.

Debra H (it) wrote: darn good flick. I would watch it again. 5 stars