Un matrimonio da favola

Un matrimonio da favola

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Un matrimonio da favola torrent reviews

Denis M (kr) wrote: Better Living Without This Movie would've been a more appropriate title to this mess.

Marvin B (ru) wrote: A story about mature love that is not quite engaging to watch.

raj g (us) wrote: best move in tollywood.

Jairo A (de) wrote: The main character, the wishmaster is played very nicely and it's still a good movie to watch but it's not better than the first part. The Djinn is still the main attraction in this film.

Shawn S (mx) wrote: This movie has a unique, thought-provoking premise, an intriguing plot and a great performance from Robin Williams.

ryan l (ag) wrote: Uninspired rehash with great music and paper thin plot

Torbjrn S (ag) wrote: Mesterlig finsk tristesse. S mrk og dyster at det blir god underholdning og bra komikk av det. Svart humor tror jeg de kaller det. :-)

Jordan K (gb) wrote: I can tell this will be paleontogically inaccurate, but entertaining nonetheless.