Una cierta verdad

Una cierta verdad

For two years, Garcia Roure followed six patients at a hospital in Barcelona as they struggled with serious psychoses - like Javier who has had sound hallucinations and delirium for 20 years about all kinds of cosmic issues. This beautifully shot study shows how society copes with this kind of mental patients.

For two years, Garcia Roure followed six patients at a hospital in Barcelona as they struggled with serious psychoses - like Javier who has had sound hallucinations and delirium for 20 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle M (ag) wrote: The last time Dragon Ball was on the big screen outside Japan was the mediocre, alternate/wrongfully treated live-action adaptation "Dragonball Evolution." That film was the first since the 10th Anniversary film "The Path of Power." Now, Dragon Ball returns to the silver screen in "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" - released in Japan last year on March 30th - with the treatment the franchise deserves in the correct way.Unlike the other films (they're unqualified to be reviewed since they're only less than an hour long, except for "The Path of Power"), this film is part of the anime's timeline. It sets place 5 years after the defeat of Maijin Buu, and 3 years after the arrival of Vegeta's younger brother Tarble.After 39 years of napping, Beerus - a powerful, hotheaded, easily annoyed, catlike being with an occupation of the God of Destruction - has awaken and was notified by his mentor Whis that Freeza has been defeated by Goku. This has pique Beerus' interest while pondering the prophecy of the Super Saiyan God, and started to think that Goku fits the bill. The two took a visit to King Kai's place since Goku was there. Prior to their arrival, King Kai was notified telepathically by Kibito Kai and Old Kai of Beerus' early wake-up call and previous rampage. As it's the dawn of Beerus' awakening, it's also the start of the strongest battle to protect the universe from another of his rampage."Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" is just a pleasant return to the anime's original timeline since the end of "Dragon Ball GT" and with the current "Dragon Ball Z Kai" as a revised version of "Dragon Ball Z."The return dazzles with gorgeous animation at a new level for the anime that enhances the action sequences for anymore new adventures that continue on in the timeline (like the announced Battle of Gods sequel). There's also a pretty good balance of comedy (proven by the laughter of a full house like we're giving the film laughing tracks) of familiar jokes and comics. But the main flaw is the silliness that'd took away some of the characters' own prides - don't know if it's enough that could annoy Beerus.The way the film's characterization was handled is similar to how the X-Men films were situated - except the Wolverine films and how "X-Men: The Last Stand" resulted. It's like to say that the film's director Masahiro Hosoda is like the Japanese version of Bryan Singer. Despite that few characters were given limited screen times and only a few to no lines, the film still feature the favorable characters that'd appeared in the franchise, including an unborn one."Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" is an exciting addition that's fun and delightful seeing on the big screen (a once-in-the-lifetime opportunity I would say). It's what I was hoping for: no cuts that usually happen in the dub editing process. Not disappointing at all.When the power level of the silliness could be large enough to make me rethink on the rating I've given it, the combined strength of the animation, humor and action that'd created the excitement overpowers that flaw.After watching this film on the big screen than usually on smaller screens (televisions and online), this is obviously the best of the whole franchise. Now, off-topic, since I've seen Dragon Ball on the big screen, I need to catch Pok (C)mon in theaters when I get the chance similar to this. (A)

Anthony V (fr) wrote: This film is great fun for any fans of indie horror. Filmed in three segments by three different directors, a signal sent out by electronic devices drives the world insane. Sometimes bizarre, sometimes (intentionally) hilarious. Check it out.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: A policeman and his arch enemy join forces to bring down another top criminal in this decent brit action film

Paul Raymond T (au) wrote: I was very disappointed not as funny as I thought it would be

Andrew G (es) wrote: Well-made, briskly-paced, and surprisingly deep action flick. It's much higher quality than most JCVD direct-to-video movies, from the good performances to its layered plot; it has a Leon: The Professional vibe throughout. I would've liked to have seen more action sequences considering the martial arts talent between Van Damme and Adkins, but it's always nice to see them share the screen all the same.

Samir S (it) wrote: Norwegian Wood works its way slowly but persistently to the viewer's soul... If you have ever loved and lost, you will be able to fully appreciate the nuances of this moody piece.

Perrine B (kr) wrote: Douglas et Lois Riley sont maris depuis 30 ans. Mais le mariage est loin d'tre heureux : depuis le dcs de leur fille, madame ne sort plus de la maison, et monsieur a une matresse rgulire. Lors d'un dplacement professionnel la Nouvelle Orlans, Doug rencontre une jeune strip teaseuse et dcide de rester pour l'aider. Ou est-ce Mallory qui va l'aider faire son deuil ?Film de Jake Scott (fils de Ridley) nomm au Sundance festival, Welcome to the Rileys est une jolie introspection au sein d'un couple dtruit par la mort de leur fille dans un accident de voiture. En n'ayant jamais voulu parler du drame, la culpabilit pour l'une et le sentiment d'abandon pour l'autre ont pris le dessus. Quand Doug a l'occasion de s'occuper d'une ado gare dans les strips clubs de N-O, il n'hsite pas tout plaquer pour se vouer cette nouvelle activit. Sans pour autant chercher trop lui dicter sa conduite, il compte bien amliorer ses conditions de vie (un logement propre, des soins appropris). Mallory n'est pas une jeune fille facile, elle a un sale caractre et est en qute d'indpendance (mme si elle s'y prend plutt mal), mais elle accueille assez volontiers l'attention que lui porte Doug, bientt rejoint par Lois. S'il est vident que les Rileys y voit une opportunit de protger une jeune qui leur rappelle leur fille (en toute bonne volont), le franc parler de Mallory va apporter le dialogue qui leur a manqu pendant toutes ces annes. Un rcit certes dj vu quelques reprises, mais trait avec une belle dlicatesse dans les relations humaines, et interprt trs justement : Kirsten Stewart n'a pas rougir de sa prestation, et Melissa Leo et James Gandolfini donnent une belle profondeur leur personnage tout en les rendant attachants.

Alexander R (ag) wrote: Brave Americans have been saving the world in cinematograph for many-many years (mostly from aliens and terrorists). This time though it wassomething unbelievably fresh. The world have been saved by Americanstogether with English from...dragons(!)...in future! Such wow! Thisis...fantastic...in all senses. Don't get me wrong, i did like themovie, but mostly due to the cast. Mcconaughey did his job exquisitelyonce again. One will find him in a very unusual role here (not that ibarely recognized him or something, i did, and was even really amazed).For Bale - well job as well. The plot and the actualization are cheesybut it could be worse (there are lots of similar movies which aretrashy). But this one is quite fascinating, sometimes even intriguing.So i would recommend to watch it just for one time. Evening, beer,pizza and Mcconaughey killing dragons - a pretty nice kit for having agood time, don't you think?

Terence H (ru) wrote: I loved it. Couldn't help but to.

Dillon L (es) wrote: a brilliant movie funny and dramatic

Rebecca S (br) wrote: I loved it! It was so thoroughly sweet and funny . . . and just a teensy bit heart-breaking. (Side note: Five minutes into it, I wondered why no one had cast Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin as relatives yet. And then I remembered The Piano. Duh.)

Mike S (jp) wrote: What can you say other than this is a classic high school teen movie. It has the elements are pure, rich comedy, sex, rock and roll, and Sean Penn as a wannabe surfer dude. I definitely recommend this film.

Martin T (ru) wrote: Two men scheme to expose the flaws of capital punishment by influencing a murder investigation with fake circumstantial evidence. It's a premise similar to The Life of David Gale, and equally ludicrous. It does have some surprises, but they're even more absurd than the way I expected it to go. Dana Andrews pretty much sleepwalks through his part, and like most of Lang's noir, the direction is far too workmanlike. Lang's last American picture is one of his biggest duds. There's just no spark here.

Bob R (ca) wrote: One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. My wife and I are older folks, and thought that an adventure by 2 senior retired guys in Iceland would be a fun movie. Turns out that one of the two is a "Dirty Old Man' big time, but not only that, he is boring and vulgar at the same time, He spends most of the movie talking about how his sexyasl fantasies , and smoking pot or boozing. oThe other old dude just does mostly nothing. The scenery, while interesting, is only about 12% of the move, and seemingly done by an amatuer photographer. A truly lousy waste of money and time.

Matt M (ru) wrote: really great movie. shows wayne's versatility playing a character other than a sheriff, or marshall or something wild western. what's interesting watch there will be blood and then watch this.