Una donna per la vita

Una donna per la vita

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Ziv E (ca) wrote: The franchise should've been extinct since the third movie back in 2009 like the creatures who live in it.

evie j (ca) wrote: Vijay sow kewl but his idiot of a bruda iz sow sad ta him!!

Danae T (us) wrote: It's great! like a Japanese Napoleon Dynamite!

monsieur r (au) wrote: Odd WWII flick about desertion in the South Pacific during the gloomy days of the Allied campaign. Nick Nolte, not my favorite, is a stranded G.I. who because of his blue eyes is saved from certain death by native head hunter tribe. Is this some kind of a joke? In the last days of World War II, a British captain is parachuted into Borneo to organize resistance against the Japanese. In order to accomplish his mission, he must deal with an American who has made himself almost a God in the eyes of the local inhabitants. While a generally well made film, the plot here is a stretch. This deserter marries into this tribe of headhunters after being saved by his new wife. The question is whether he can be happy in "paradise" or return to the world he left. In the end he sides with his past and the British who seek him out. Depending on your level of movie sophistication, this one may entertain or may not. Cast Nick Nolte (the King) Nigel Havers Frank McRae Aki Aleong James Fox Marilyn Tokuda William Wise Crew Director: John Milius Producer: Andre Morgan Screenplay: John Milius Editor: Anne V. Coates Art Director: Virginia Bieneman Set Decorator : Virginia Bieneman Associate Producer: Charles Hannah Associate Producer: Gopala Krishnan Art Director: Bernard Hides Associate Producer: Ralph Marshall Production Designer: Gil Parrondo Composer: Basil Poledouris Costume Designer: David Rowe Editor: C. Timothy O'Meara Producer: Albert S. Ruddy Choreography: Anne Semler Cinematographer: Dean Semler Based on a Work by: Pierre Schoendoerffer Original Release Date: Jan 1, 1989

Gregory W (ca) wrote: just a superstar and she is soo missed

Douglas P (it) wrote: The first film noir shot in Boston, and thankfully, the film is lensed by the master of shadows, John Alton. The overall film is a bit stiff, and it loses luster after the vicious murder in Cape Cod. It does deserve credit for its pre-CSI examination of the nameless corpse, but the film suffers for its lack in seediness and cruelty. It's a light mystery, but for Bostonians, it's a must-see. Montalban manages to play a good Detective, and the Bride of Frankenstein, Elsa Lanchester, provides some exaggerated comic relief. The scene where the car gets pulled out of the lake is quite eerie.It is one of the film's visual highlights.

Bob W (de) wrote: Shoot em up, cut em up, vampire gore and skin fest with interesting A-list cast.

Vivy S (br) wrote: superrrrrrr awesome movie.... wow

Joel H (nl) wrote: One of How Green Was My Valley's biggest issues is that it doesn't follow the "show, don't tell" rule of filmmaking. The narrator is a tedious and overbearing presence for most of the film. A young Roddy McDowall gives a good performance as the young protagonist, Huw, but the rest of the characters and storylines feel bland and underdeveloped. Perhaps members of the Academy grew up working in the coal mines and got caught up in the nostalgia of this film, which is why they awarded it Best Picture, because there really doesn't seem to be another reason.