Una lunga fila di croci

Una lunga fila di croci

Django and Santana are bounty hunters taking out bandits in a small Western town. An evil landowner smuggling illegal immigrants and the men that work for him have mighty fine prices on ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Italian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   flashback,   mexican,  

Mexican's are being smuggled over the border to work as cheap labour for wealthy land baron Fargo. Hi's gang is made up of known criminals with bounties on their heads, this greatly interests two bounty hunters who may have to team up to achieve their goals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John Eric D (jp) wrote: 1 star for the effort. Definitely one of the early generic crap straight to dvd release this year. Lol for the acting by the way.

Timothy S (us) wrote: "Hit and Run" is a little film that tries to do something different in the world of made-for-video movies. It's not a low budget slaughter-fest but instead it tries to be more of a suspense flick. Unfortunately, it fails either way. It's essentially a one-person show, with the focus of the film solely on star Laura Breckinridge, and she isn't strong enough to carry a film. Even one as meager and unambitious as this one. The story is essentially a take-off on "I Know What You Did Last Summer", but there are some elements that just do not make sense. Why the film's killer would murder his own wife is a mystery, as is the scene where he shows up back home after being missing for so long. None of it rings true, even for a movie of this nature where expectations are naturally lessened. Also a mysterious is how a B-movie like this gets indie darling Kevin Corrigan to play the killer, and then they give him very little to do. He has no personality, and precious little screen time when all is said and done. The direction by first timer Enda McCallion is shoddy and lackluster, virtually ensuring that the movie will be completely suspense -free. It's as dull and lifeless as it is unbelievable. Breckenridge seems to make a mistake at every turn making her bad situation even worse, and because of that it is very difficult to muster any sympathy for her. And her uncaring boyfriend, played by Christopher Shand, is there to make sure she is in as much peril as possible. Straight-to-video movies obviously get worse than "Hit and Run", but that still doesn't make this one any good. It's pretty slow going most of the way.

Guilherme N (ru) wrote: Even if a genius idea is not totally flawless, perfect correspondence between the form and the meaning.

Felix C (ru) wrote: (Upcoming Review) Rating: 1.8/10 Overview: what's a way to make people buy this movie? HOW ABOUT PUTTING IT IN THE SAME DVD CASE WITH THE FIRST ONE SO PEOPLE WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BUY IT ON BLU-RAY! Nice try guys. I mean, come on! I couldn't even get through half way of the trailer. What's the potential behind this movie? What makes you think that people would spent 20 minutes of their life to go out and pay money to buy this movie and watch it? The world may never know. The characters are unlikable and the animation is hideous. The only credit I give this movie is for Quasi having a girlfriend. ... and why, did you say that nobody would shout your name? In the prequel, people were carrying you over their shoulders cheering for you and getting the likability of the people who shunned you. Sure it may not have been the way we would have liked it to end, by him not getting Esmerelda, but at least everyone LIKES HIM and he's HAPPY. Not every movie needs a happy ending. It can still be good, and makes you think a little bit. THIS... no... NO! This has got to be the worst Disney sequel ever made. Congrats.

Claire F (fr) wrote: This film is stunning,the scenery and the cast make for a beautiful movie.

Peter F (au) wrote: Lars von Trier's most resonant film, Breaking the Waves created the template that all of his movies have adhered to ever since, but haven't equaled. A passionately tragic love story as well as a vicious tirade against organized religion, the film resembles the work of Trier's idol, Ingmar Bergman, more than anything else in his filmography. It's rife with anger and gallows humor, but the love story at its center is heartfelt, carried by a fearless performance from Emily Watson. While Lars von Trier would frequently feature psychologically damaged female protagonists in his subsequent films, Bess is by far his most developed and sympathetic character, and the ideal thematic vessel. At almost three hours, Breaking the Waves also goes by remarkably fast, thanks in large part to adept pacing, and filmmaking that's beautiful, observational and brutally honest. It's grim for sure, and at times even dismal to an unrealistic degree, but it also ends on an image that resounds with hope, a concept the director now seems to have been long averse to.

Gavin S (it) wrote: Just lacked something. Had good actors in it but, had a B grade feel

Sean L (au) wrote: Extremly funny always a good movie nomad der how ya feel

Ian C (nl) wrote: This should have been called the John Kreese and Terry Silver show They are both off the fucking radar in this. Masterpiece.