Una luz en la oscuridad

Una luz en la oscuridad


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Una luz en la oscuridad torrent reviews

Steve L (us) wrote: Fantastic and unusual take on the zombie genre. Civil war era horror delivered with respect for the material. Definitely check it out.

Aditi P (de) wrote: totally fu**ed up movie

Listy (ru) wrote: Great idea and acting, OK execution.

Steve M (us) wrote: Lacks emotional depth? Somebody needs to stop watching movies while they're doing all sorts of other stuff, because this movie is full of emotional depth. Or maybe somebody is used to watching Hollywood fake emotions that are so far removed from reality that they can't spot realistic emotions.Whatever the case with no-nothing reviewers, this is an excellent movie that presents a unique storyline, characters you can actually care about, and a wonderful look and feel, complete with glorious '70s wardrobe, hair, cars, and style.

Tim S (ag) wrote: This film was a long time coming. I'd been waiting for it since 1993. The film suffers as a result of the untimely death of its star, River Phoenix, but this mostly finished film still has enough in it to warrant a viewing from fans. I am glad that it was finally edited and finished as much as it could be.

Chris I (ru) wrote: chris tucker is a nincompoop

Shawn W (us) wrote: just the same movie all over again, and thats not to say its bad but it doesnt bring anything new to the story that was already told and in a more effective way in the original movie..this is a pretty mediocre movie.

Steve C (ag) wrote: Paul Newman was captivating and so in control with his character. Diane Cilento played off of him really well. Martin Balsum & Richard Boone all were good. This film had a haunting sort of flavor to it...probably because of the SW desert and the independence of Paul Newman's character John Russell. To me, one of Newman's best films right up there with Cool Hand Luke.

Cliff M (ru) wrote: Excellent movie, with fab music, and an engaging storyline in this semi-autobiographical film from the director himself.

Russell S (au) wrote: Visually gorgeous but a too steady pace and plodding plot leaves you with movie that begs to be "framed and hung on a wall" rather than watched as entertainment.

Maija R (ru) wrote: i understand why a lot of people didn't like this movie. They were mad that the movie didn't explain enough, but I think that was the best part of the movie. It centers it's self around magic, and the thing about magic is just how confusing it is. We see glimpses of thing that don't make sense and that we can't explain, but that is the beauty of magic. Magic is crazy, contradictory and just plain out there. This movie did that so well. It didn't try to shove an explanation do our throats, but instead showed us that the world of magic is so immense that they couldn't even begin to explain it. Overall, the story was complete and I liked that they didn't force a romance on us but left it open to interpretation. It had some pretty good effects and kept the audience guessing. It did have flaws, but what movie doesn't. The Last Witch Hunter was a good movie and deserves more respect.

Kurt F (jp) wrote: 3/12/17 We watched this a couple weeks ago, but I really enjoyed it. Erika thought I might not have enjoyed it that much because it she thought it could be considered one of those films that "nothing happens". I completely disagree though. There was good pacing, and the story is good. It isn't one of those stories that is just killing time until one big event happens toward the end and then that needs to get resolved. I enjoyed watching her go through the series of emotions of leaving you country behind, leaving family behind, and trying to create a new life for yourself. A really good story that was very realistically done. Essentially, it may be a character analysis, but I thoroughly enjoyed going through her emotions with her.