Una rosa de Francia

Una rosa de Francia

Simon transports illegal immigrants to New York, leaving them to their fate. He is discovered by the coastguard and Andrés, a young sailor, saves his life. When he falls for a young protegée of Simon conflict erupts.

In Cuba, Simon (Perugorría), a seductive criminal, moves in his old boat illegal immigrants to New York and then left to their own on an island. On one occasion, a U.S. patrol discovered the boat and began his pursuit to enter Cuban territorial waters. Andres (Álex González), a young sailor, saves the life of Simon, but is injured. Simon will be forever grateful, despite falls in love with Marie (Ana de Armas), a teenager who is under his protection. Marie and Andrew try to flee from Cuba to New York, but Simon will do everything possible to prevent it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua H (jp) wrote: A sub-par gangster film about an aging gangster who doesn't know when to die VERDICT: Allot like Beat Takashi's Brother only...not good.

Greg D (it) wrote: Phenomenal documentary about the insanity of one man, and a team who helped him get to the top of the world.

Daniel T (fr) wrote: Absolutely Spectacular...Well Written...Superb Acting

Matthew B (us) wrote: The intrepid adventurer Lara Croft has stumbled on the find of a lifetime: the location of the fabled Pandora's Box. But when an evil scientist also uncovers the secret, he plans to sell the device as the ultimate weapon. Croft is charged by British Intelligence to stop him - and she teams up with a mercenary (and former lover) on a globe-trotting journey to prevent catastrophe. This movie was bad just bad but Angelina Jolie played a alright Lara Croft but the rest of the movie was lame.

Jeffrey G (ru) wrote: For those who wants to witness China cinema at its best, and for those who wishes to have a peek at the modern China at its most realistic, (not Crouching Tiger, not Beijing Olympics), you need to go no further than the Homeland Trilogy by the great Jia Zhang Ke (Xiao Wu, Platform, and Unknown Pleasures). This was made 8 years ago yet it is even more relevant today. Introspect and expressionistic at the same time. Bravo!

Mike C (nl) wrote: Brav-friggin-o! Had never heard of this but sounded interesting. Opening shots seemed weak, but the movie later established itself as one of the great foreign films I've seen. Sadly, was not even nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar, though. Erika Marozsan is ridiculously gorgeous. She is sort of the center of the story as the love of two men: one a restaurant owner and the other the piano player hired to play in said restaurant. The piano player writes a love song to her that causes several people to commit suicide. For a while, I thought this was a Malena-type movie; an something allegorical and not to be taken literally. As the story plays out, however, it gets more real and turns into an epic-type drama. Set in 1930s Europe, the Nazis naturally become part of the story. The war actually takes on an important role in the story, but to divulge too much would be to spoil the movie. Needless to say, it all seemed well-done, is great drama, and the ending is perfect.

Geeta P (fr) wrote: last part of movie is good..

mark d (gb) wrote: Live Flesh enjoyed mostly positive reviews in Spain even by critics who had previously dismissed Almodvar's work criticizing the plot structure of his films. Jos Arrroyo in Sight and Sound praised the film's "emotional pitch: raw, fearful, passionate," its brilliant cinematic qualities and the high standard of acting by the five leads. In Neon magazine, Martin Aston concluded that "sexy movies are rarely this thrilling, thrillers never this sexy- and the two seldom combine so movingly.

Dan D (br) wrote: Interesting boipic, all right movie, but Gary Oldman will always be Lee Harvey Oswald to me.

Majo G (br) wrote: Excelentes pelculas a mi gusto,personalmente no me gusta el romance pero la idea que quiere expresar las peliculas son muy interesantes y mas para analizarlas en la sociedad actual.

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