Uncertain Glory

Uncertain Glory

Errol Flynn is atypically cast as French criminal Jean Picard, a craven coward whose many misdeeds have earned him a date with the guillotine. Detective Marcel Bonet (Paul Lukas) intends to see that Picard keeps his appointment with the executioner, despite the fact that there's a war on. When the Nazis capture 100 French hostages to force a resistance saboteur to surrender himself, Picard offers to pose as the saboteur and thereby save the lives of the innocent villagers. In truth, he plans to escape once he's turned himself over to the Nazis, leaving the villagers in the lurch, but at the last moment his latent patriotism overcomes his sense of self-preservation.

After a career criminal is recaptured and knows he faces the guillotine, he offers to exchange his life for 100 hostages slated for execution by the Nazis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy S (fr) wrote: This is all kinds of BAD in many ways, but I do salute Simon Hunter for being extremely ambitious.. to a point where it's measly budget cannot live up it's the vision. There's an interesting plot in there somewhere that sadly gets snuffed out under the weight of cheesy digital blood, hideous and uneven pacing and laugh out loud atrocious acting. While I think this "cheap behemoth" could possibly develop a cult follow I don't think that it's ready for prme time by a long shot. It's too bad really, as I think that there are promising elements to it. I am interested to see where Simon Hunter goes next. File under Coulda Been.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Good funny first half, But yet again replaces comedy with romance and kills the film.

Rebecca L (ag) wrote: A movie that is full of heart and also full of laughs. Ignore the audience and critic scores. Both children and adults will love this movie.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: Not as good as the other two MacLean movies I've seen, it suffered from a mediocre director. Bronson made a fine hero though.

Samuel H (au) wrote: Tatum O'Neal is brilliant, and Paper Moon is thoroughly entertaining, although the plot doesn't have much of a moral compass.

Kendyl C (jp) wrote: Basket Case has a name that couldn't be any truer to the film. It's B-horror at its finest and it's so disastrous and gory, it's actually flattering.

Charles P (de) wrote: The first two Underworld films made mention of the centuries-old origin of the vampire/werewolf war through expositional backstory and some murky flashbacks. With this third movie, a mediocre and pointless prequel, you get to relive it for 93 minutes.

Grant K (br) wrote: An underrated, often hilarious morality play featuring a great ensemble and one of Hartman's best performances.