Under Pressure: Making 'The Abyss'

Under Pressure: Making 'The Abyss'

Documentary about the challenging making of the sci-fi film "The Abyss" , with commentary by various actors and crew, outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage of the actual shooting of the film.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:59 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Documentary about the making of the sci-fi film _Abyss, The (1989)_, with commentary by various actors and crew, outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage of the actual shooting of the film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Under Pressure: Making 'The Abyss' torrent reviews

Kristen P (ag) wrote: Well it's a cool idea in theory and some of the films are very well edited but this was too ridiculous.

Ian J (fr) wrote: A very deep and moving romantic anime movie that is hazardous to your emotions... Although I suggest that you should stick to the Anime T.V. Series version as alot of the story is missing...

Fabin C (kr) wrote: Esto si es que es muy triste. Pesimas actuaciones, guiones y personajes... Se salva uno que otro efecto especial.

LeeAnna F (ca) wrote: This is the funniest movie ever

Eric C (us) wrote: I can't believe I actually sat through this whole thing. This movie tries to be funny, but fails...it tries so hard to be like so many other movies out there...the comedies with young poeple...all friends...like American Pie and others of that ilk. The dialog is horrible, the acting even worse, and you don't even get to see a boob through the whole movie. Don't waste your time.

Michael Y (nl) wrote: It's funny and I like it. Why not?

Rawballs B (nl) wrote: At least i was entertained by the actors and effects... I guess that's enough...

Phil A (nl) wrote: good film very funny worth a look

Jason T (de) wrote: i like movies that have layers under layers...this is that kind of movie. Romero doesn't get the props he deserves as a film maker, he's the goods.

Christopher B (it) wrote: amusing domestic spy caper.

Angelina C (au) wrote: The choreography and soundtrack are great. Whoever enjoyed Fame, would definitely love this one too

Sam S (nl) wrote: David Bowie's relentlessly glamorous appearance , impervious to the harsh realities of a brutal Japanese POW camp, is a good metaphor for this movie. It is, on balance, a non-stop hit parade of cliches and groan-inducing grand gestures; a series of badly written, racist, homoerotic, sadomasochistic vignettes. If not or the relatively high ratings on IMDB/RT/Netflix I would have tuned out in the first twenty minutes, but I hung on hoping for something interesting to happen like, for example, David Bowie icing some bad guys with a slick machine gun - the writing was hopeless, but there had to be something worth watching, right? Well, my reasoning was fatally flawed; cult status really affects who learns about films and how they rate them! There is really nothing redeeming about this movie at all. Excellent cinematography and several decent performances do not at all compensate for listless writing and laughably shatneresque fight sequences. This film is, perhaps, most interesting as a case study about what could go terribly wrong making films about The Exception Westerner Who Earns the Grudging Respect of Idealistic Foreigners In Spite of their Fatally Outdated Beliefs and Ethics. I thought a lot about Edward Said's remarks in Orientalism about the need of the West to feminize the East while watching this movie. You seriously have to ask yourself "WTFIGO?" when you see a man waxing on about Japanese philosophy whilst wearing, without exaggeration, more eyeliner than Ziggy Stardust.

James H (ag) wrote: 78/100. Fast moving crime thriller with Harry Belafonte giving a very deep and excellent performance. The entire cast is excellent - Shelley Winters is very convincing, Robert Ryan gives a very intense performance, Ed Begley and Gloria Grahame are very memorable. Excellent score and music, the atmosphere is tense and it is very well edited. Great story, believably told with well developed characters and good photography.

Eric R (us) wrote: Robert Mitchum stars as Matt Calder, a quiet farmer who lives with his son on their farm One day they rescue a couple on their honeymoon, Harry and Kay Weston who have lost control of their raft on the nearby river. Harry is professional gambler who has to hurry to the nearest town for a claim he won in a poker game. This leads to him to assault Matt, taking his horse and rifle while leaving his wife behind. Without his weapon Calder cannot protect himself or his boy from a pending Indian attack so along with Kay Weston, they begin a treacherous journey downstream. Otto Preminger's only western, River of No Return is a flawed story that leans on its strengths to create a strong film. By strengths I mean Otto Preminger's direction and the character of Matt Calder. Probably the best aspect of this film is the treatment of Matt Calder. The story unravels his past and his beliefs in a very natural way and his character just feels very real and dimensioned. The sexual tension throughout the film between Mitchum and Monroe is fun to watch and what Monroe lacks in acting ability she makes up in sex appeal for sure. Mitchum's character looks at Monroe as just another pretty yet dumb girl and the ever changing dynamic of the two is the highlight. Given that the character of Matt Calder is very much a quiet, man of the land type setting the film during the Gold Rush really creates a great mirror for the character, as the world around him is full of greed and only cares about money. I think my biggest problem with the film is just that it bogs down in the middle and the story surrounding these characters just isn't particularly interesting.

Rendan L (us) wrote: Fast paced, energetic, and brimming with humor Big Trouble In Little China manages to overwhelm its audience with charm despite some dated effects and its B movie troupes. Grade: B+

Mark H (br) wrote: Its a good solid movie that makes you think things just aren't that simple- for adults but they are for kids. Things can still be hard for both and there n lies the connection. There may be a different perception but down deep we an relate. Oh and the war was not that simple or polarized as people made it out to be.The Rumsfeld speech snippet about weakness was profound.

Bradley J (ru) wrote: Packing a potent punch, The Stanford Experiment could almost be a documentary given the powerful performances and claustrophobic filming. It feels real. That is until the script is a bit too cheesy and heavy handed to fully make impact. Luckily this highly intriguing infamous "experiment" is filmed with such craft and intensity, it's a worthwhile view. Rating: 74