Under the Chinese Restaurant

Under the Chinese Restaurant


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Under the Chinese Restaurant torrent reviews

Bill R (gb) wrote: so, I tried but u just couldn't do it. the horrible, obviously practiced and little to no contact fighting was one thing. the bad casting of Tong Po...Bautista? really? and then the last part that made me shit it off was the elephant fight that they kept trying to make me believe they were really fighting on to of them, they were terrible wood built things with rubber ears to play it off. don't know why they even bothered.

Josh P (ca) wrote: It is the worst movie I have ever seen.

David H (de) wrote: Hillarious Tragiccomedy!!! I fall in Love with Czech Humour!!! Such Charming Story & Characters!!! And the Ballon Run reminds of the one in Quax, der Bruchpilot!!! Excellent Acting, Cinematography & Soundtrack!!!

Matt K (es) wrote: Good film. I liked the story and the music.

Libby B (it) wrote: john cusack, john grisham - great combo

p b (us) wrote: This is crap. I shit you not.

Christine D (nl) wrote: Saw this one years back and forgot I did. Still just as great the second time around. Loved the comedy part done by George. He is an amazing actor!

Deadly V (gb) wrote: Last days of a nice guy

Phillip Patricia G (nl) wrote: Good film with good cast. Don Cheadle had me rolling.

Tara H (us) wrote: Above average thriller from Fritz Lang, though not one of this best. The storyline is slightly problematic in that its riveting newspaper politics overshadow the rather less plausible serial killer plot, thus trivialising a serious crime. Dana Andrews in the lead palls after a while, while his love interest, Sally Forrest, is the blandest of fifties good girls. But it's the supporting roles that lift this above B movie standard - from some of the greatest actors of the day, including Vincent Price, Ida Lupino and George Sanders. Rhonda Fleming is good in a vampy role, and for sheer curiosity value there's John Barrymore Jr (Drew's father) as the killer.

Avradeep S (de) wrote: One of the best samurai based films that I have seen. It is more about the ways of a ronin, the customs and traditions they followed in committing sepukku, the circumstances that drove a samurai to commit it etc. It paints a grim picture but also showcases the bravery of the ronin during that time.

Tom M (ca) wrote: This brightens up my day! The cast are also amazing! A great remake of mamma mia