Under the Domim Tree

Under the Domim Tree

Individual memories of a group of teenage Holocaust survivors in Israel creates sharp conflicts among them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Under the Domim Tree torrent reviews

Kevin C (ag) wrote: Not good at all. At the end, you think...is that it?

Private U (ru) wrote: there's so much going on in this film, you can watch it several times and not get all the wee asides. really, really funny!

Chris K (kr) wrote: Jacque Fresco is my hero.

Toby E (ag) wrote: What should have been a far better film was let down but a few character flaws and sloppy acting/ediintg. Carmrawork was good in places and Emma Lahana is hawwwwwwt :D

Robert I (kr) wrote: Is there anything but tragedy? Love is a disease.

Adam P (ru) wrote: I'm not sure why people dont like this movie, I think it is very funny

Richard G (mx) wrote: I have to say this is my all-time favorite film-noir tragedy...back when Nicholas Cage was on a roll, moving from one cheap, tired Christ to the next...the compleat antithesis of the kind of shite we are seeing from him now in 2015. Elizabeth Shue is smokin' hot and portrays a compassionate whore. Your heart would have to be made of stone not to fall in love with her.

Tyler E (br) wrote: Tense, timeless, and unfortunately still timely.