Under the Volcano

Under the Volcano

Against a background of war breaking out in Europe and the Mexican fiesta Day of Death, we are taken through one day in the life of Geoffrey Firmin, a British consul living in alcoholic disrepair and obscurity in a small southern Mexican town in 1939. The Consul's self-destructive behaviour, perhaps a metaphor for a menaced civilization, is a source of perplexity and sadness to his nomadic, idealistic half-brother, Hugh, and his ex-wife, Yvonne, who has returned with hopes of healing Geoffrey and their broken marriage.

Against a background of war breaking out in Europe and the Mexican fiesta Day of Death, we are taken through one day in the life of Geoffrey Firmin, a British consul living in alcoholic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill S (us) wrote: Mandatory viewing for anyone interested in the long term sustainability of the planet. The general thesis is sound: livestock production is a huge stress on the viability of our planet. Not carbon emissions. But what it doesn't provide is an articulation/breakdown between the net effects of beef, poultry and fish production. I understand that this is seminal work. But in the end, the movie just lumps them together as though they were all equally bad. Which is to say: there needs to be a sequel, but you need to be more articulate and focused on your arguments.

Emily A (fr) wrote: Very surprised Coppola managed to make a remotely profound film out of Franco's garbage book. It's a pretty well done coming of age film. Some of the cinematography is very effective and because of this I am definitely going to keep an eye on Nat Wolff.

Amy P (ru) wrote: I saw Stephen Dorff on Last Call with Carson Daly and I guess you get to see him naked in this one!!

Daniel S (us) wrote: Beautifully filmed and with some good performances (Alan Rickman's barely-restrained fury and paranoia being quite nicely understated), with an interestingly unorthodox premise and the flexibility to allow some moments of humor. There are some elements of magical realism that I did find strained the film's veritas, though.

Don C (de) wrote: haha nick cannon you so funny

Fantasy R (de) wrote: gosh ive spent 6 years trying to get a copy of this movie>:( but no dvd store has it... its a AWESOME movie

Benjamin N (nl) wrote: Almost on the level of Enter the Dragon in terms of pure entertainment. Sonny Chiba is a fucking badass. If you dig Kung Fu, this is compulsory viewing. Great 70's music and some HILARIOUS deaths.

Jessica H (es) wrote: It's a bit obvious, but not with some entertainment.

Nicholas P (ag) wrote: Boring and Funny at times.

Emmanuel S (us) wrote: 'Spacehunter' is one of the crappiest films I have ever had to sit through in a theatre.

Marco P (br) wrote: It's a crime that I've only just seen this. Before this I held Coppola's film the superior Dracula movie-- this one is just a loose adaptation but blows most Dracula films out of the water. The great Klaus Kinski provides a mesmerizing terror in his count, watch the dinner scene with him and Harker and try not to flinch. Bruno Ganz is a sturdy Harker and Isabelle Adjani a lovely Lucy.All actors bring their A-game to the table and Herzog successfully avoids the campy horror film label that it could have easily fallen into. Herzog's filmmaking style, accompanied by Popol Vuh's haunting soundtrack pay due homage to Murnau's classic.

Kristen M (de) wrote: I thought it a cute mush flick for the older crowd.

Devils A (us) wrote: Good to see a role reversal when it comes to sexualization of people. I counted 5 sexy women. My girlfriend counted 20 sexy guys ! Very childish story though

Fong K (de) wrote: Gorgeous to look at and a commendable acting effort from Elizabeth Olsen aside, this period melodrama about a young woman paying dearly for her pursuit for passion is all too TV-trite.

Charlie A (es) wrote: Not as good as the first three but equally entertaining and fun. There's a feeling of nostalgia for fans of the series. I liked that there are ties to the series and little hints here and there about where Indy had been doing all these years. There are a lot of over the top moments but it wouldn't be an Indy film if there weren't. I don't know what the deal is giving all of our heroes sons (Superman being the other) I think that ages the character even more and it's not the same. The swinging of the monkeys and the sci-fi stuff was not to my liking but it can be a good change from the supernatural elements that have been done before. Overall a great ride for fans like myself that have been waiting years for this.

Holly M (gb) wrote: saw this trailer on Igor over the weekend and it looks great! looking forward to it!

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is an inspirational biopic based on one of the most powerful moments in modern history