A young detective goes undercover at an elite private school to destroy an international stolen car ring.

A young detective goes undercover at an elite private school to destroy an international stolen car ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Underclassman torrent reviews

Timothy M (fr) wrote: I highly recommend this movie, mainly for the subject matter. I love swords! They do a good job of generating hype and interest--lots of awesome fighting scenes. Aside from minor complaints about sound and animation, my only real problem with the film is that it felt like they were trying to stretch a little information a long way.

Leif N (nl) wrote: an interesting look at modern day parent/child relationships.

Micaela L (it) wrote: I wish the ending was different but it was cute.

Jase N (de) wrote: I love movies like this kind/obe

Manuel C (kr) wrote: This is a unique visual masterpiece. Satoshi Kon, we miss you.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Tragedy strikes Paul Kersey again when his girlfriend's daughter overdoses on crack--producers give us just over 10 minutes to show Kersey's devotion to his new family before sending him on another killing spree. Two major drug operations are then wiped out with brutal efficiency. A clear anti-drug statement from the Golan-Globus/Cannon Group production team that will surely appeal to all walks of life.

Steve B (ag) wrote: ahh reviewing chuck and larry I spotted this one and remembered: this was it's precurser. Almost the same premise, but better because of no cocacola ipod weinstein mcAmerica hollywood embuing it with shite

Robin P (gb) wrote: Love Barbara Stanwyck in this 1941 movie about a group of geek professors writing an encyclopedia. Gary Cooper, one of the geeks, is doing a part on slang of the day and has Stanwyck's character "Sugarpuss O'Shea" help him because she knows so much of the era's talk. She's hooked up with a gangster and that brings complications to the house of the innocent professors. I have always watched the re-make of this with Danny Kaye called A Song Is Born...it has a musical twist but other that that it's the same movie. I enjoyed this mostly because of Stanwyck's enthusiastic role!

TonyPolito (kr) wrote: Billy Wilder puts a slightly dramatic - and slightly sour - spin on the 1950s/1960s sex comedy genre. Dino satirizes his stage persona, playing an over-the-top boozy, sleazy Lothario, who's aiming to seduce the wife of a jealous, inattentive husband and song writer (Walston). Walston has an "available" bar-room tart (Novak) play the role of his wife, then starts peddling Dino some songs - and Novak - as a package deal. Meanwhile, the real wife (Farr), who is fed up with kitchen, apron, and sheer black nighties gone unworn, eventually ends up in the role of available bar-room tart herself. Wilder's not-so-hidden agenda was to slap a 1964 American audience in the face with its own sexual hypocrisy, upon which the sex comedy genre was built. In-references to the navels banned from television screens abound. The Novak/Farr full-swap/role-blur called to the carpet 1950s Madonna/vamp mentality. To distribute, the Dino/Farr extra-marital romp-for-hire (told on DVD) was edited out. Far too frank for its day, the Catholic Legion of Decency blacklisted the film. The film suffers, and is overlooked, due to miscasting, likely caused by (what was then) far-too-edgy content. Doris Day would never have touched these roles. Novak's part was written for the late Marilyn Monroe - and it shows. Novak shoehorns poorly into squeaky blondeness with a phony cold, a tepid Jersey accent and a bad wig. Walston's role was intended for Jack Lemmon who passed; Peter Sellers started production then walked. Others discreetly supported Wilder's intent to critique America's sexual hypocracy. A Walston/Novak dance number is uncredited Gene Kelly choreography. Walston is peddling Dino some truly unpublished George Gershwin melodies; brother Ira added lyrics posthumously, specifically for use in this film. Andre Previn delivers the balance of the score. TRIVIA: Watch Dino drive his own personal automobile in the film, a black, sleek and rare 1962 Dual-Ghia coupe. RECOMMENDATION: Wilder's indictment of Hollywood politics via "Sunset Boulevard" is much stronger stuff, but there's plenty of Wilder craftsmanship and industry talent at work here delivering this now-dated message as well.

Carlos T (mx) wrote: The secrets of the rich and famous can really haunt them in a bad way....

Lady D (br) wrote: Very slow moving, a sort of dark, seediness to it, watchable, but forgettable.

Brian R (kr) wrote: Silly but funny movie. Have to have a sense of humor to get it. It was meant to be silly but also has a little action. I love it and always have.

Lucas A (it) wrote: One of Woody Allen's great masterpiece. A genious, funny and incredibly wonderful work. The pseudo-documentary tells the strange and entertaining story of Leonard Zelig, the human chameleon who can turn be the people around him (in the mental and physical appearances). The film deepens man's quest for a better human being, a personality, have their own opinions, despite being influenced by others. The film chronicles a goal of man: to be accepted in society that lives in spite of being different from others. The comedy that addresses all these issues, it is also somewhat human and romantic, turning this little seventy-nine pseudo-documentary in a masterpiece of the great genius Woody Allen, one of eternal masters of cinema.