A World War II Hollywood propaganda film detailing the dark underside of Nazism and the Third Reich set between two brothers, Kurt and Erik Franken, whom are SS officers in the Nazi party. Kurt learns and exposes the evils of the system to Erik and tries to convince him of the immoral stance that marches under the symbol of the swastika.

A World War II Hollywood propaganda film detailing the dark underside of Nazism and the Third Reich set between two brothers, Kurt and Erik Franken, whom are SS officers in the Nazi party. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberly P (br) wrote: One of my favorites ever........

Yasmin T (de) wrote: Very nice movie :) Gi- dong is adorable

Samreen R (jp) wrote: GUD BUT i ALREADY 4got da story kinda movie

Andrew S (es) wrote: I'm so glad that I discover this movie which i downloaded in my laptop for months and never bothered watching it. I'm pretty sad that how could everyone watched Matrix, Inception, or even the Butterfly Effect but never heard of Dark City ( I was one of them)? Dark City is so underrated that I would even consider of being one of the best mystery/sci-fi movies I've seen so far in my life. I will try my best of not spoiling the plot of this movie because this is one of those mind-bending films. The movie starts off very confusing but interesting which drags you into the main character, John Murdoch, who has lost his memory but we never know how. The movie then leads you to an unexpected journey which reveals to you small clues and patterns that would eventually leads to a complete enigma.I am glad that they chose to set the background around the 1950s to 60s. It makes the perfect atmosphere which makes me associate with Zodiac, which is another great mystery/suspense movie. The vision is stylish and unique even though the whole movie is always dark (as the title). As to the special effects, I love how the director handle his imagination then reflects it into the movie, such as the twisting and moving buildings and the stunning visionary. However, I was quite pulled out a bit once it changes its settings, from suspense to sci-fi, which I somehow find it unrealistic. However, as a whole, the special effects are wonderful for the sake of being the movies produced in the late twentieth century.Another reason I love Dark City so much is its originality. You can actually see many miniatures of suspense masterpieces that were later on produced. I definitely see the Matrix, which was released a year after Dark City, and Inception which was released more than a decade! However, Dark City does have similarities to another movie which was released in 1994 and I'm not gonna spoil it to you. As a whole, Dark City is very confusing but mind-bending, which I guess some people who hated it would say that it's a mess. However, I love how the direction of the movie goes. Because the director sets for the audience to explore the movies by themselves, there are always plot twists for the audience to experience throughout the movie and that's what made it so attracting. It has been so long that I saw a movie as great as Dark City; this movie really gives me chills. It's suspenseful; it's mind-blowing, and absolutely visually stunning (for a movie produced in 1998). I strongly recommend everyone to see this movie; this is one of the best suspense/mystery/ sci-fi movie I've seen. If I'm going to set Dark City on the scale in comparison with other mind-blowing movies, this is nearly as good as the Matrix and Inception (though they have better CGI and stuff), and is even better than The Butterfly Effect, Predestination, Interstellar, Triangle, Cube ,and so on. Please! Everyone go watch this movie even though it looks old and out-of-date just like how I thought before I watched it. I was actually so bored that I was digging from my old files and I glad I did! Dark City definitely worth a try!

Liliane S (de) wrote: I have read this movie is quasi-biographical which makes it quite interesting IMO. The song "Purple Rain" gives me chills every time I hear it. Nothing beats music from the 80s.

Richard M (ag) wrote: Love this film , one of my all time favorites, the innocense of youth , great acting ( can't believe it was the little lads only acting role).

Yan B (es) wrote: Funny, watch it on a Tuesday night

EWC o (kr) wrote: Decent, unambitious animated flick with an excellent voice cast.

David B (es) wrote: in one scene the two investigators ray liotta and jason patric raid a guys house, they find a police officers badge and guns so the guy immediately takes out his gun he has on him and fires off shots at them, wounding jason patric, so then ray liotta shoots him dead. after this happens the police department concludes that he was the guy they where looking for and so closes the case, but patric and liotta say it wasnt him cause he doesnt have the bottle to kill someone. i mean if he has the bottle to try kill two detectives raiding his house then he has the bottle to kill anybody, therefore this doesnt make sense/ anyhow there is way better cop/crime films and the acting wasnt anything special.

Charlie G (es) wrote: This movie was a nice mixture of reality cartoon and computer graphics. They made it as near as I can remember the cartoon.

Tom N (ag) wrote: This is the worst movie ever. How do this get 80%? It should have received.01%

Michael K (nl) wrote: That was...Incredibly boring.